Reasons for Divorce


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The reasons for divorce can be complex with so many potential underlying reasons for a marriage coming to an end.

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Reasons for Divorce

  1. 1. REASONS FOR DIVORCEsome of the reasons married couples separate These days divorce is fairly common place, with around fifty percent of total marriages, and thirty percent of first marriages, not standing the test of time. The reasons for divorce can be complex with so many potential underlying reasons for a marriage coming to an end. Therefore a list of the reasons for divorce can never be exhaustive. In the following slides are some of the more common reasons that can lead to relationship problems and can ultimately lead to a permanent separation.
  2. 2. REASONS FOR DIVORCE:Some of the Reasons• Adultery• Desertion• Lack of Communication• Personal Differences• Family & Friends• Work• Finance
  3. 3. REASONS FOR DIVORCE:AdulteryAdultery was until recently the most common reason of all for divorce in the UK, and from the victimspoint of view, it is one of the more emotionally painful. Adultery can be defined as anything from a long-term relationship with another person to a one-off mistake.Although some marriages survive post-adultery, it is the death knell of many others. It strikes at the heartof what makes a successful marriage…… trust. When the trust has gone it makes it difficult to rediscoverit, with many couples who attempt to move on eventually finding they are unable to.
  4. 4. REASONS FOR DIVORCE:DesertionDesertion is one of the official reasons that can be given for divorce. Divorce is automatically granted ifone person deserted the other and they have been apart for five years or more. If both people within amarriage agree this will be the case after two years.Desertion is not one of the most common underlying reasons for divorce, but more of a consequence ofother factors. If a couple is having problems, one of them may leave the marital home, possibly meaningthey are judged to have deserted their spouse. There are times when someone leaves their spouse for noapparent reason but this is rare.Where desertion has happened it is fairly clear that a marriage is not working, and this is one of thereasons why a divorce is automatically granted where this is the case.
  5. 5. REASONS FOR DIVORCE:Lack of CommunicationAny relationship is built on communication, and if communication is poor then problems are inevitable.The nature of a marriage means that a couple, in many respects, live their life as one. If they are unableor unwilling to communicate with one another then doing this successfully becomes almost impossible.A lack of communication also makes it difficult to overcome problems within a marriage as any issuestends to be swept under the carpet rather than them being dealt with, thus leading to resentment andfurther unhappiness.
  6. 6. REASONS FOR DIVORCE:Personal DifferencesDifferent lifestyles and ambitions are one of the top reasons why couples separate. We are all differentand marriages between different characters can work, but there are times when these differences are justtoo great and have a negative impact.Where two very different personalities are married then compromise is required. If one person dominateswith the other never getting a say in how their marriage works, then this is likely to lead to resentment.
  7. 7. REASONS FOR DIVORCE:Family & FriendsThere are times when family and friends can have an impact on a marriage. If a couple doesn’t get alongwith one another’s family or friends then it can cause friction. This is particularly the case if they areparticular close to their family or friends and see them on a regular basis.If others dictate what happens within a marriage then it can lead to problems. This can also includecultural differences, for example where one persons family puts pressure on a couple to continue certaintraditions.
  8. 8. REASONS FOR DIVORCE:WorkIn a number of ways someone’s work can impact their marriage. Someone who works all hours of the daymight not be able to dedicate themselves to their family as much as they, or their spouse, may wish themto. Rarely seeing each other is not likely to lead to a healthy relationship.Difference in career goals can also cause conflict. If one person is very career orientated while the otherwants to spend more time together then this can be an area of strain.
  9. 9. REASONS FOR DIVORCE:MoneyUnfortunately money is a fact of life and serious money problems can have an impact on all aspect of ourlives. This is the case with marriage as much as anything. Money worries causes stress which can lead tocouples being angry and, in some cases, blaming each other.If money worries are due to one person making a mistake it can lead to guilt on their part and anger ontheir partner’s part.
  10. 10. REASONS FOR DIVORCE:Useful Links• Resolution• Relate• Affairs no longer the leading reason for divorce• Family Solicitors London