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New SmmS Rollout March 2011


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Exciting new User Interface, Architecture and Features!

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New SmmS Rollout March 2011

  1. 1. PureBrand TMMarch Release Overview
  2. 2. What’s New?•Explosive Commerce is releasing a new versionto clients on March 5, 2011•USER INTERFACE (UI) – There are significant UIimprovements in the release•BACK-END CHANGES – We have also upgradedto new API’s which may require follow up•NEW FUNCTIONALITY – There are severalcustomer-facing features that may require someadditional training.
  3. 3. Benefits•Simplified deployment and maintenance•Added stability•Enhanced user experience•Enhanced readabilityBottom Line: The changes we are making willcontinue to align Explosive Commerce as the classleading social media solution, while simplifyingthe user experience.
  4. 4. New Features•New information architecture (IA) and UI•Enhanced Analytics•Improved Social Inbox flexibility•Microblog post targeting and versioning•Facebook Group support•Content Label management•Highlighted Items notification•Floating Quick Post
  5. 5. UI and IA Changes•Simplified navigation•Overall look and feel•Initiatives list page•Initiatives dashboard•Social Inbox•AnalyticsMore changes will be coming as we continue toinnovate rolling throughout 2011
  6. 6. Social Inbox•Activity, Network, Engagement, Impressions •Reach is split into 2 categories: network & impressions •Impressions include confirmed (view) & potential (RT + Mention audience) metrics •More Engagement metrics•Cleaner and faster interface•Real-time metrics filtering•Ability to roll up by day, week or month•Additional granular Facebook metrics
  7. 7. Social Inbox Flexibility•Multi stream creation•Stream upload•Advance search support•Collections •Personal stream bundles•Consolidated Facebook wall & commentsstream•Filters
  8. 8. Microblog Targeting & Versions•Apply geographic and language targeting toFacebook page post•Create versions of microblog posts within ONEactivity!
  9. 9. Facebook Group Support •Mircoblog Posts to Group Walls •Group Wall Streams
  10. 10. Content Label Management •New interface to manage content labels •Data – who, what, when & how many •Replace •Delete •Append •Edit •Create
  11. 11. Content Label Management •When an item is highlighted (options) •Receive an email •See a count in the Initiatives List •See a count in the To Do List •See a count in the Social Inbox
  12. 12. Floating Quick Post •Quick Post can remain open during all navigation
  13. 13. Big Benefits •Enhanced usability •Improved efficiency •Greater knowledge •Increased collaboration •Broadened channel coverage Bottom Line: this release will make your team better and more efficient at communicating with customers and prospects via social media channels.