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Provide online work on cms. Our contact no. is +91 9582515180 and mail id is

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  1. 1. A Venture of SEO Web Services SEO Web Services Mob: +91-9582515180, Add: 11/393 Laxmi Nagar, Delhi, 110092
  2. 2. What is CMS? A content management system, or CMS, is a web application designed to make it easy for non-technical users to add, edit and manage a website. Not only do content management systems help website users with content editing, they also take care of a lot of "behind the scenes" work such as:  Automatically generate navigation elements  Making content searchable and index able  Keeping track of users, their permissions and security settings  And much, much more.
  3. 3. Why use to develop your CMS website? You have read some really amazing things about CMS on this page. Having a web site that you can manage yourself is the perfect solution for most companies. However, you need a professional company to design and develop your site. Our sites are featured in many online design portfolios. Our sites don't only look good - we market them so that they perform well and bring you traffic and business. It's no coincidence that we are chosen to develop websites by companies from Dubai to New York to California to Hong Kong to London to Lisbon to Naples to Hamburg to... need we say more? In the field of web design you really do get what you pay for. Let's face it – it doesn't matter how little you paid for your website or how attractive it is. If it can't rapidly be found in the search engines then it is losing money for you every single day. Now that is a very expensive website!
  4. 4. Several web-based CMS tools are available. Word Press - free web software designed for creating template-based websites or blogs Blogger - Google's blogging tool designed specifically for maintaining a blog Joomla - a flexible web publishing tool that supports custom databases and extensions Drupal - an open source platform often used for developing community- based sites Weebly - a web-based platform for building simple personal and business websites
  5. 5. Manage your own 'Online Shop' Do you need a custom ecommerce web site? Do you want to have an online shop that doesn't have the same old look and feel that everyone else seems to have? Of course you do! Your business is unique and finding an e-commerce solution to suit it can be very challenging – especially when your company lacks an experienced technical team. Inexpensive hosted platforms can offer many options, but often their standardized features don't satisfy the complicated business requirements of an online shop. Expensive software platforms may be flexible, but they require a dedicated staff to implement and keep running... and they really are expensive!
  6. 6. What is Word press? WordPress is a free, Web-based software program that anyone can use to build and maintain a website or blog. It was originally intended as an easy way to set up a blog. But, thanks to the efforts of a large “open source” community of WordPress programmers working to extend and improve its capabilities, WordPress has become much more than just a tool for bloggers. Today’s WordPress is really a “content management system”(CMS), which means that it can be used to run full-sized, social media-rich business websites. you build a WordPress website yourself. (You save money.) Or we can do it for you. (You save time.) And we can customize the look and feel of your WordPress site to perfectly fit your brand.
  7. 7. Word press Admin Panel:
  8. 8. Word press Admin Panel:
  9. 9. Pligg CMS Admin Panel:
  10. 10. What is Joomla? Joomla is an open source content management system that allows you to build web sites and powerful online applications. This award- winning web site software contains easy-to-use features and it is freely available to everyone. Joomla is written in PHP for managing content on the web and uses a MySql database to store content. Joomla! is released under the GNU General Public License. What's a content management system (CMS)? A content management system (CMS) is a computer system software that handles every available web site content such as text, photos, music, video, documents, etc on your web site. The benefits of using a CMS is that anyone without technical skill or knowledge can easily manage a web site such as publishing, editing and modifying any content on it at any time or location.
  11. 11. How does Joomla work in today's web sites?  Corporate Web sites or portals  Corporate intranets and extranets  Online magazines, newspapers, and publications  E-commerce and online reservations  Government applications  Small business Web sites  Non-profit and organizational Web sites  Community-based portals  School and church Web sites  Personal or family homepages
  12. 12. Joomla Back end Panel:
  13. 13. SEO Web Services M: +91-9250033105 Add: 11/393 Laxmi Nagar, Delhi, 110092