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Increase email marketing ROI with Triggered Email Messages


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Trigger messages generate 250% higher click rate than newsletters. Read about factors that determine the success of trigger messages.

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Increase email marketing ROI with Triggered Email Messages

  1. 1. Professional Email Marketing Increase email marketing ROI with Triggered Email Messages Trigger messages generate 250% higher click rate than newsletters
  2. 2. © 2014 All Rights Reserved 1Increase email marketing ROI with Triggered Email Messages Trigger messages generate 250% higher click rate than newsletters In some circumstances we are not given the opportunity to test things out before taking actions. Besides, playing around with things may be irresponsible, or even hazardous (as with fixing a gas oven on your own). Luckily, in professional email marketing, testing is more than welcome! You are able to expand the results generated from a small sample onto a whole group. In this field, there are no restrictions for testing, which you should apply to continuously improve your results. We wanted to take a closer look at the emails driven only by opening or clicking on a previously delivered message. Our research comprised over 3 billion newsletters and 35 million trigger messages. Introducing trigger messages Messages deployed in response to subscriber’s particular behavior are called trigger messages. They are among the most popular automatic messages. Usually, behavior patterns that drive these messages include opening a message, clicking on a link, or abandoning a sale. Once the action is taken, trigger message is sent, instantly. You’re always welcome to talk to our Experts about your plans and challenges. We are eager to show you our email delivery technology and services, and discuss how we can add value to your company. Marcin Luks Phone: +1-646-328-3919 E-mail: Request a free demo Email & Marketing Director
  3. 3. © 2014 All Rights Reserved 2Increase email marketing ROI with Triggered Email Messages Time based trigger messages that are mailed in an interval before or after a custom date. If the customer has signed up for an appointment, meeting, or show, a reminder can be sent out x days, hours or minutes beforehand. Alternatively, you could also mail out a request for a review x days, hours or minutes after the show, or hotel stay. Triggers based on a custom field’s value being modified. This may be used for something such as an upgrade in account status, or a payment being received. It’s important that the trigger allows specification based on the custom field change, and whether the custom field already existed, or if it was just created by user’s action. This allows subscribers that are already in a database, but don’t have the custom field (perhaps it’s a new feature or subscription type) to still receive the trigger email. Anniversary or monthly recurring date trigger. Using such a trigger message, and dynamic content, you can easily set up a birthday, or sign-up date based trigger containing special deals or coupons to the most valuable subscribers. Having the flexibility of time is important as well, since it allows you to specify the time of day the message is mailed. Reaching a goal or conversion point If the system allows goal or conversion tracking, a trigger message based on reaching a goal is an easy point to score. It’s always important to be able to specify in hours or minutes when the message should be sent after the consumer purchases or converts. This is especially useful for shopping cart abandonment programs and action confirmation emails. Opening or clicking a link in a message. Very fun and useful trigger type which can be sent to subscribers opening a particular message, or message type. To be even more customizable, being able to specify a trigger based on a click on a specific link gives marketers even more freedom to creatively target active subscribers. The following actions are all potentially valuable to marketers
  4. 4. © 2014 All Rights Reserved 3Increase email marketing ROI with Triggered Email Messages Advantages of trigger emails At first glance our analysis proves that trigger messages have much higher open and click rates than regular newsletters. On average, the open rates for trigger emails were 4 times higher than those for newsletters. The click rates, however, changed in time and there was no such clear pattern. The trigger effect There are 3 factors that determine the success of trigger messages: Average click rates for newsletters and trigger messages in Jan-Sep 2013 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 SeptemberAugustJulyJuneMayAprilMarchFebruaryJanuary NEWSLETTERS TRIGGERS CLICK RATE NEWSLETTERS VS TRIGGERS 3.10 3.08 4.17 3.87 3.28 4.57 3.42 3.78 2.71 3.98 2.19 4.47 2.01 4.32 4.30 2.15 2.10 5.26 Availability It comes directly from the timing. Triggers are delivered at the very same moment when a subscriber is browsing the mailbox and clicks/opens a previous message. Human curiosity Sheer curiosity of a newly received message is the reason why triggers have 4 times higher open rates than newsletters. 2 3 Timing Triggers are sent immediately after a relevant action takes place. 1
  5. 5. © 2014 All Rights Reserved 4Increase email marketing ROI with Triggered Email Messages Open rate's (in)famous offspring We all realize it's not all about open rates. What matters more is how many subscribers decide to interact with our communication by responding to the CTA and visiting the landing page, which is an entry gate for conversion. It is the CLICK that initiates all conversions in email marketing. So what makes the open rate so different from click rate? The graphs clearly demonstrate the differences in the flow of these metrics. The open rates are stable and much higher for triggers than newsletters. The click rates, on the other hand, seem to be ruled by different criteria. What are they? The answer is fairly simple... The key for sky-rocketing click rates Personalization and content relevancy are the paradigms of email marketing. Growing maturity of email programs results in the progress of all metrics. The graph with click rates provides evidence that time and content relevancy induce higher subscriber interaction than bulk mailings with content adjusted to mass audiences. The most important takeaway is that marketers who mastered content personalization and messaging automation will generate higher yields. With triggers it’s easy to get attention of the user, because of timing, availability, and human curiosity. Four times higher open rates are a strong evidence of that. However, whether the subscriber takes action relies solely on WHAT CONTENTS will be emailed to them. Such concepts as geolocation, big data analyses and responsive design should be leveraged to make the marketed content most relevant to the customer, their location, timing and device. A personalized approach is absolutely essentialto a successful email campaign today. Yet again, it is the content that drives the engagement and yields growing results in trigger messaging. Average open rates for newsletters and trigger messages in Jan-Sep 2013 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 SeptemberAugustJulyJuneMayAprilMarchFebruaryJanuary NEWSLETTERS TRIGGERS OPEN RATE NEWSLETTERS VS TRIGGERS 11.61 12.49 53.29 49.97 12.86 55.10 13.17 51.30 11.61 46.85 11.00 49.57 10.14 44.37 48.53 10.72 10.77 53.15
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