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Sms marketing overview


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Unlimited SMS campaigns, Unlimited Subscribers, Unlimited autoresponders and Unlimited Calendar Activities are for advertizing your business.

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Sms marketing overview

  1. 1. SMS MarketiNg Solutions
  2. 2. Visit for more information about sms applications You can get SMS Marketing Solutions at:
  3. 3. WootText SMS Application SMS Marketing Applications Using our visionary SMS Gateway System in conjunction with your business enthusiasm equates to success with your marketing campaign.
  4. 4. WootText SMS Application Features 1 SMS Keyword Campaign SMS Contest Campaign 1 1 SMS Trivia & Polling 1 SMS Viral Campaign 1 SMS Lead Prospector 1 SMS Campaign Scheduler Web Form 1 SMS Trivia & Polling 1 SMS Loyalty 1 Interactive Voice Responder
  5. 5. 1 Winning Coupons 1 1 Add Phone Number 1 Subscriber List 1 Report 1 Broadcast Messages SMS Gateway 1 FirstData Integration 1 Unlimited Messages 1 Unlimited Group Creation 1 Unlimited Auto Responders WootText SMS Application Features
  6. 6. WootText SMS Application Due to a number of exclusive features found in mobile devices like Apple I-Phone, Black Berry, HTC etc. The usage of Mobile Telecommunication has been enormously increased the above mentioned stat of 97% people using cellular phone means this usage is a lot bigger than the usage of Internet and especially social sites like Face Book. It shows that Mobile market is vaster than Internet market. It is so because surveys show that almost 43% to 48% people access Internet and these sites through their mobile phones and it again impulses us to emphasize on capturing this giant market for our business advertisement. Mobile Marketing
  7. 7. SMS Marketing or Bulk SMS is a web-based appliance that allows you to accompanying forward an ample amount of SMS letters to your barter or employees. You can acquaint your customers, business ally or advisers about new promotions, new product launches, aegis alerts, appropriate contest and plentiful more. SMS Marketing account is an absolute acute band-aid that will absolutely amuse your organization’s business needs and facilitate the advice administration process. Woot Text SMS Applications
  8. 8. Quick dispersion Cost Effective Adaptable medium Easy opt-in or opt-out Open SMS Rate
  9. 9. Less Expensive Spam Free SMS Conveniency Shorter Messages Easy Accessible
  10. 10. WootText is a very useful application for the clients. They can use it for bulk messaging. advertising and many other uses. In every purchase transaction, price does matter along with the feature. It is very natural that everyone compares the price he pays for the return he gets. To appreciate the usage of WootText among users we will shortly come-up with some convenient packages. The prices will be as much affordable and effective for the clients that they would love to use this app. For more info Contact Us. Pricing
  11. 11.