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Expert link introduction for corporates


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Published in: Business
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Expert link introduction for corporates

  1. 1. On-demand high skilled talent on the cloud for your business initiatives Flexible Company core full- talent on time team cloud Flexibletalent on cloud Membership free for a limited Flexible period! talent on Get started by registering online cloud or write to us at
  2. 2. Three major benefits of leveraging our talent Variabilize your fixed manpower costs...a competitive advantage in1 uncertain times! Get access to high skilled on-demand short-term an early2 start to your special initiatives...unconstrained by recruitment lead times Realize effective savings of >20% on compared to hiring excess3 permanent talent on project teams Expert-Link
  3. 3. Access a rich pool of diverse, flexible and trained talent Diverse Flexible TrainedExperienceand seniorityLevels Engage talent in Prior experience in flexible units of different organizations time Hours Functions Days Weeks Participated in Expert- Links training program Months for consulting skills development Expert-Link
  4. 4. Nano-Consulting: Inspired by LegoBuy only the bricks you need, not the whole building! Operations Execution Alignment Synthesis of way forward Primary / Expert Secondary consumer Data analytics inputs research interviews Hypotheses generation Project Review Project staffing management mechanism Project structuring Key questions articulation Problem definition Expert-Link
  5. 5. Our management consulting heritage positions us uniquely to help us understand and deliver on client needs We are backed by our parent Aspire Advisors, a full service management consulting firm, founded by consultants from top-tier consulting firms Expert-Link
  6. 6. Give wings to your special initiatives today! Contact us! Contact Jyoti at Flexible Flexibletalent on the Aspire Advisors Private Limited talent on the cloud 14, Sea Mist cloud Turzon Point Charkop Sec-8, Kandivili (W), Mumbai 400067 Tel: +91 22 2967 0358 Expert-Link