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Lean Startup in big corporations - Lean Startup Machine Talk

The main problems in big companies are well known of product managers and entrepreneurs.
Ticketing culture,
loss of ownership and loss of empowerment (it's like nobody is never responsible for anything),
which all leads to big cycle and lead time.

Context :
We had all those problems when we started to build within the biggest french web based classifieds company. our marketing team was working for 4, or 5 products at the same time. Their role wasn't always clear : were they working on the product? On the growth only?
Our sales were in the same situation : they had a big product making millions, and for most of them, were afraid to sell a new product without any 'proof' that it was going to make it.

I imagine that a lot of product managers and intrapreneurs have seen the same situations.

What helped us is a framework we crafted during 18 months, that we called experiments. Experiments are testable and measurable actions that allow to validate or invalidate assumptions and hypothesis we make everyday as product managers.

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Lean Startup in big corporations - Lean Startup Machine Talk

  1. 1. Lean Startup and innovation inbig corporationsHow experimentations helped us align dispersedteams, and assert our assumptions fast.
  2. 2. @benoitguillou@patothon
  3. 3. LS is about CustomerDevelopment& Product Developmentbut we strongly believeit’s worthless withoutdiscipline, rigor, andprocesses
  4. 4. It needs time and follow up, on everything,from the sales pipe to the feature releases.
  5. 5. We want small lead times, cycle time and littlewaste.Why? To assert our business assumptions fast.
  6. 6. So, what are the mainproblems when innovating inbig corporations?
  7. 7. Ticketing culture and the loss of ownership,empowerment.Its like nobody is never responsible for anything.
  8. 8. No follow up. No measurement. No lessons.No improvements.
  9. 9. We had those problems.
  10. 10. Well, we still have them.
  11. 11. But we managed to manage them.
  12. 12. We built a team with the minimum set of skillsto tackle the problems.
  13. 13. No follow up. No measurement. No lessons.No improvements.
  14. 14. [ex·per·i·ment] (/ikˈsperəmənt/) - noun"A scientific procedure undertaken to make a discovery, test a hypothesis, ordemonstrate a known fact."Synonyms : trial - test - try - attempt - essay - assay - tentative
  15. 15. Everything started with what we calledlessons learned. It was simple slide deckscontaining shareable information, as metricreports and objectives.
  16. 16. HypothèseLes candidats qui reviennent vont jusqu’au boutMesureConclusion1/3 de la base est réutilisable.=> Effet déceptif + Profil déjà périmé ?Mail On siteOpen Rate30 % 55%Mails240 240Conversion rateTunneld’inscription fini50% 40%Visits35 79Bounce30% 25%Click rate40 % 51%IndicateurPrévu Mesuré28/03
  17. 17. We needed something better, as shareable,but with more information, like the context,the big picture solution, the actions taken,the metric following, and still, the lessonslearned. We called this one“experimentation”.
  18. 18. Expérimentations en coursContexte (Problème, Risque, Idée)Acquisition SEM / SEO CANDIDAT RECRUTEURquali quantiOpportunitésDMR non faite par recruteur10% des candidats avec des offres Envoyer des opportunités aux candidatsCANDIDAT RECRUTEURquali quantiNouvelles offres commercialesOffre startup (com’ & positionnement produit)Offre essaiOffre de stage  Offre cabRECRUTEURquali quantiCommerciaux offlinePas de réussites partagéesproblème de confiance dans la solutionmanque d’info au niveau des commerciaux, manque de feedback venant des commerciauxRECRUTEURquali quantiCommerciaux online1 seul canal d’acquisition commercial, Commerciaux OfflineManque d’offres, problème de confiance dans la solution Développement du canal OfflineRECRUTEURquali quantiConférence + MatchmakingAcquisition candidat + image de marqueMatchmaking / Conférence dans les écoles, les salonsCANDIDAT RECRUTEURquali quantiPage 2Page 3Page 4Page 5Page 6Page 7Plan de contactBase inactive / qualité des profilsRECRUTEURquali quantiPage 8
  19. 19. ExperimentationResponsable : VincentContributor(s) : Benoît Informed(s):Context (Problem, Risk, Idea)Envoyer offre en mode pro-actifPb : DMR non faite par recruteur, 10% des candidats avec des offresLessons learnedLes annonces Web Tech marchent très bienToulouse / Paris en têteLes opportunités marchent mieux que les DMR.Les candidats ne sont pas recontactésLes recruteurs n’arrivent pas forcément à contacter les candidats.Solution Big PictureEnvoie des matchings à 400 candidatsSi ils sont intéressés, on les propose aux recruteursGoalsAu 15/01Candidat avec une offresuggérée: 30%Candidats intéressés : 400Maiwenn : Tx d’ouvertureimprove_profile 40%Tx Rebond après improveprofile : max 20%Current Metrics434 dmr acceptées / 433intéressées (7/02)2079 acceptées dont 642 dmracceptées / 1437 intéressées(18/03)Maiwenn Tx d’ouvertureimprove_profile 49%; (11/04)+5%Tx d’ouverture doublé (11/04)Actions• Suggestion automatique• Plan de relance pour les opportunités automatisé• Suggestion sur le profil public• Améliorer le mail d’amélioration de profil• Rediriger vers edition profil• Template + objet• Suggérer au candidat qui n’ont pas encore eu d’offres
  20. 20. The last thing we tried, that definitely is acomplement of the previous version, takesinto account the lack of follow up. It’s whatwe called experiments. And it worked for us,and definitely changed the way we workedas a team.
  21. 21. We decided to organize our team around“lessons learned” and “experiments”. And webuilt the tools to support this new organization.
  22. 22. The measurable aspect of those experimentsgave ownership to people working on theproject.The testable aspect helped us focus and alignthe team around credible and written goals.Follow experiments through time, weeks,sometimes months helped us empower peopleand make them accountable and responsiblefor the whole product.
  23. 23. This was a long process 9 months.We iterated. As everything in LS, weexplored, we pivoted to find what was rightfor us.Annex question : is the journey or the result what made our teamstronger?( you have 4 hours ;) )
  24. 24.