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Game Thinking for the Enterprise

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Game Thinking for the Enterprise

  1. 1. Game Thinking fortheEnterprise
  2. 2. A. Past & Present B. Gamification 101 C. Our Philosophy
  3. 3. A. Past & Present B. Gamification 101 C. Our PhilosophyA. Past & Present
  4. 4. Games: A platform they prefer Saatchi & Saatchi Study, 2011 “How would you like to hear about a brand’s new product?” Everyday,almost50%ofemployeesplay at work •  20%playfor1-5hours •  58%sayitisimportantforbrandsto befunandplayful
  5. 5. Playisnature’s learningengine. Playmakes dopamineflow.
  6. 6. Our game-based evolution ’97-04 – Pioneer of Advergames: Coke, Reebok, Taco Bell – General Mills “Big G” All Stars – GAPKids National Promotions – Purina’s Incredible Dog Challenge ’05-12 – Talent Assessment for Deloitte – Orientation for Goldman Sachs – Leadership Sim for MetLife – Insurance Learning Game for AXA – Showtime Learning Destination – Consumer Orientation for Cablevision/Optimum ’13-14 – Behavior Change
  7. 7. Where games are going •  Game-based Learning •  Big Data measurement of Skills and Attributes •  Games that drive Behavior Change
  8. 8. A. Past & Present B. Gamification 101 C. Our PhilosophyB. Gamification 101
  9. 9. Gamification 101 Gamification is about playfully inducing behavior. Distinguish between extrinsic and intrinsic motivational triggers.
  10. 10. Extrinsic Rewards & Motivators The Carrot: •  Tangible, expected and gimmicky •  Unsustainable, shortsighted •  Not about the task you want to complete.
  11. 11. Intrinsic Rewards & Motivators Come from within. Offer a sense of inner progress and meaningful journey: •  Mastering challenges •  Self-driven learning & accomplishment •  Belonging •  Peer recognition
  12. 12. ThreeEssentialDriversofMotivation Autonomy MasteryPurpose
  13. 13. A. Past & Present B. Gamification 101 C. Our PhilosophyC. Our Philosophy
  14. 14. Pretty Wrapper Yucky Candy You cannot increase the intrinsic value of something by adding game mechanics. You CAN make the value more visible. You CAN change the paradigm and context from user to player — increasing their engagement.
  15. 15. The Engagement Loop Value Time Investment
  16. 16. User invests time to unlock value from a product. Again and again. Value Time Investment The Engagement Loop
  17. 17. Howdowegetusersinto theengagementloop?
  18. 18. Create Engagement Opportunities Product must have elements that allow users to invest time to get value out. These elements can take a huge variety of forms.
  19. 19. While the user does get value from investing time, they don’t get it right away. Giving away the reward too easily devalues it and reduces engagement. Encourage Users to Invest
  20. 20. Our Philosophy
  21. 21. Let’smove towards GameThinking.
  22. 22. Deliver value through Learning Experiences. Big themes for Emotional Connection. Measure response through Data Functionality. thesecretsauce
  23. 23. Gamesarenotfunbecause they’regames. Gamesarefunwhenwhen theyarewell-designed.
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