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Sunday Longevity Experience

  1. 1. Longevity NOW!
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  67. 67. 30 Minute BREAK
  68. 68. David Hall
  69. 69. David Hall’s CAN THIS MAN CHANGE YOUR LIFE? Cell-plement Cellcology CellCom 4 Cellercise 2005 1990 2.Food, the Cellsenvironment of 4. How Nutrientscommunicate The Ecological communicate 3. How the cells for 1.How we communicate the How Don’t Exercise, cells communicatewith with each cells. other. beyond us. the cell. the us. with cells. Cellercise! Water, Air, Lighting, Music/ Sound, Color, et. al. WWW.CELLERCISE.COM Center for Cellular Health, llc   Cellology and it’s componate parts are registered trademarks of 800-­‐856-­‐4863 David Hall’s Center for Cellular Health, LLC.
  70. 70. Lunch Break
  71. 71. GEORGE LAMOUREUX Libido
  72. 72.
  73. 73. Libido  Manifestation of Jing Essence but particularly the Yang Energy aspect of Jing.  Involves Hypothalamus-Pituitary-Adrenal axis.  Sexual drive, like other aspects of human activity, depends on health, vitality, and motivation.  Sex and procreation require peace.
  74. 74. Libido and Stress  In the long term, tension and anxiety inhibit sexual desire. The continual stimulation of the “fight or flight” nerves of the autonomic nervous system and the subsequent release of stress hormones directly inhibit the secretion of sex hormones.  As ACTH (stress master hormone) goes up the LH (sex master hormone) goes down.
  75. 75. The Pharmacology of Harmony Improved sexual energy may only be the result of a more general program of balancing, nourishing, and protecting the Three Treasures with tonic and adaptogenic herbs.
  76. 76. Deer Velvet Antler • Chinese name: • lu rong • Characteristics: • sweet, salty, warm • Meridians: • Kidney, Liver
  77. 77. Soft Velvet vs. Hard Antler
  78. 78. Deer Velvet Antler parts  Tips (jelly)  Tips Boon Gol  Boon Gol  Sang Dae  Joong Dae  Ha Dae
  79. 79. Deer Velvet Antler  First documented use as a health tonic: • 168 B.C. on silk scrolls from a Han tomb in Hunnan Province • Why is it still used today? Because it works • Member of the elite group of Kingly or Imperial herbs • Always expensive now and then • Major producers: • New Zealand, China, Russia
  80. 80. Deer Velvet Antler  TCM-Tonifies the Kidney Yang  Regulation of the adrenal cortex and energy metabolism  Regulation of sexual function  Growth and resistance  Restorative in action  Returnabnormal physiological states to normal  Adaptogenic
  81. 81. Deer Velvet Antler Functions  Sexual tonic/Yang tonic  Fertility tonic  Builds blood/nourishes bone marrow  Healing of damaged nerve tissue  Increase white blood cell count  Anti-inflammatory  Anti-aging  Adaptogen
  82. 82. Deer Velvet Antler Constituents  IGF-1 and IGF-2  Amino Acids  Collagen  Essential fatty acids  Androgens/Estrogens  Ectosaponins  Glucosamine & Chondroitin  Osteocytes  Anti-inflammatory prostaglandins  Erythropoetin
  83. 83. Yang Essence Sexual Tonics Epimedium leaf •Chinese name: •yin yang huo •Properties: •acrid, sweet, warm •Organ Meridians: •Kidney, Liver
  84. 84. Yang Essence Sexual Tonics Epimedium leaf • Tonifies the Kidney and fortifies the Yang • Tonifies the fire at the gate of vitality • Unblocks the flow of yang qi • Major fertility enhancing herb • Contains the flavonoid icariin which inhibits PDE5
  85. 85. Yang Essence Sexual Tonics Morinda root •Chinese name: •ba ji tian •Properties: •sweet, acrid, •slightly warm •Organ Meridians: •Kidney
  86. 86. Yang Essence Sexual Tonics Morinda root • Tonifies the Kidneys and fortifies the yang • Impotence/stamina • Male and female fertility tonic • Athlete’s herb • Supports mental function
  87. 87. Yin Essence Sexual Tonics He shou wu root •Chinese name: •he shou wu •Properties: •bitter, sweet, •astringent, •slightly warm •Organ Meridians: •Liver, Kidney
  88. 88. Yin Essence Sexual Tonics He shou wu root  Replenishes spent Jing essence for men  Major fertility enhancing herb Nourishes  Yin Essence and blood  Tonifies Kidneys and Liver
  89. 89. Yin Essence Sexual Tonics Lycium fruit •Chinese name: •gou qi zi •Properties: •sweet, neutral •Organ Meridians: •Liver, Lung, Kidney
  90. 90. Yin Essence Sexual Tonics Lycium fruit  Sexual tonic-generates fluids  Kidney tonic-restores Yin Essence  Longevity tonic-premiere anti-aging tonic  Beauty tonic-nourishes blood
  91. 91. Yin Essence Sexual Tonics Schisandra fruit •Chinese name: •wu wei zi •Properties: •sweet, sour, (notes of salty, pungent, bitter) •Organ Meridians: •Heart, Kidney, Lung
  92. 92. Yin Essence Sexual Tonics Schisandra fruit  Sexual tonic-generates fluids  Increases circulation sensitivity in woman  Astringent-Longevity tonic for men  Kidney tonic-restores Yin Essence
  93. 93. New Zealand Deer Velvet Antler
  94. 94. New Zealand Deer Velvet Antler
  95. 95. New Zealand Deer Velvet Antler
  96. 96. New Zealand Deer Velvet Antler
  97. 97. New Zealand Deer Velvet Antler
  98. 98. New Zealand Deer Velvet Antler
  99. 99. New Zealand Deer Velvet Antler
  100. 100. New Zealand Deer Velvet Antler
  101. 101. Deer Velvet Antler • Renewable resource • Antlers completely regenerate each spring • Removed when there is maximum soft tissue and minimal calcification • Growth for 60 Days before removal • 120 days for full growth
  102. 102. Deer Velvet Antler Removal  Humane  Mandatory protocol  Vets and licensed farmers  Pain control with local anesthetics  Velvet removal reduces injury during mating season
  103. 103. Truth Calkins
  104. 104. What is Longevity? The Hunzacuts - 140 years Professor Li Chi Yung - 256 years Accomplished Yogis - 500+ years Races pre-500,000 yrs ago - 1,000-2,000 yrs (examples of “Cell-Binding Theory”)
  105. 105. What is Aging?  Genetic DNA and Telomere Theory According to this theory we inherit genetic encoding in our DNA that will determine how long we will live. (or how many times our cells can divide) Duplicating cells causes the telomeres to shorten each time causing damage and eventually death We have the ability influence then speed of DNA damage through lifestyle factors.
  106. 106. Aging Theories  NeuroEndocrine Theory Cortisol damage to Hypothalamus gland results in more cortisol damaging Hypothalamus further and reducing its ability to regulate the rest of the endocrine glands and organs.  Free Radical Theory Electron stealing unstable molecules coming from within and without the body increase over time and ability to quench them decreases over time resulting in break down and aging.
  107. 107. Aging Theories  Membrane Theory Over time our cell membranes becomes less lipid (less watery and more solid) decreasing sodium/potassium ion exchange, reducing cell to cell communication, electrical and heat transfer. At the same time the cells ability to cleanse itself is reduced, eventually lipfuscin (toxins) accumulates especially in the brain, heart, lungs and skin (age spots).  Hayflick Limit Theory This suggests the human cell is limited the amount of times it can divide. Each division (approx. 50x) results in lost information after which time they stop dividing and die. Caloric intake and toxins also have an affect on the cells success.
  108. 108. Aging Theories  Mitochondrial Decline Theory Mitochondria are the fiery furnaces that make ATP (energy) for the body. ATP is literally the life giving chemical, every movement, thought and action is generated from it. A 180lb male needs to generate 85lbs of ATP a day yet stores only 4 oz. Chemically ATP generation in Mitochondria creates high levels of heat and free radical production. Mitochondria do not have the ability to protect themselves as other parts of the body leading to breakdown and less energy and aging.  Cross-Linking Theory Glycosylation is when glucose (simple sugars) bind to proteins under the presence of oxygen damaging and cross linking tissue over time. cut an apple in half and watch the oxygen in the air react with the glucose in the apple as it turns yellow and brown and eventually becomes tough.
  109. 109. Diet and How if Affects Longevity  Eliminating processed food and other harmful substances (Go Organic)  Eat your food RAW. Don’t go into Enzyme Debt.  The Lower the Carb/Sugar levels the Better  Probiotics for Life  The Lower the Carb/Sugar levels the Better Sugar feeds opportunistic organisms. Sugar creates inflammation Sugar makes most peoples immune sys weaker Sugar makes most people gain weight  Get on the slow burn diet Switch your Krebs's cycle to burn off fats Less metabolic waste Less Candida By pass insulin & its aging effects. Lean up
  110. 110. What do probiotics do?  Keep unfriendly bacteria under control.  Maximize absorption of nutrients.  Improve digestion and elimination.  Keep digestive systems clean.  Boost immunity.  Balance hormones.  Perform biological transmutation.
  111. 111. How do Probiotics Work? Do They Have a Consciousness?  Quorum Sensing - The Language of Probiotics Quorum sensing is a type of decision- making process used by decentralized groups to coordinate behavior. Many species of bacteria use quorum sensing to coordinate their gene expression according to the local density of their population. Similarly, some social insects use quorum sensing to make collective decisions about where to nest. In addition to its function in biological systems, quorum sensing has several useful applications for computing and robotics.
  112. 112. How to preserve and extend life-force for quality and longevity Stop leaking Jing - Stress - Overwork - Lack of Sleep - Reduce Inflammation - Reproductive Habits
  113. 113. Start Building Jing  Take Jing Herbs Omit Toxic Fats, Take Essential Fats Minerals are Core.  Jing Exercises Magnetic Qi Gong, The Five Tibetan Rites Go to Bed with the Sun, Wake up with the Sun Fast last 3rd of the Day.
  114. 114. Three Energies for Life Jing Herbs Qi Herbs Shen Herbs - Deer Antler - Ginseng - Reishi - Ant - Astragalus - Pearl - Cordyceps - Rhodiola - Ho Shou Wu - Rehmannia - Eucommia
  115. 115. Essential Fatty Acids  Omega 3’s - Flax, Perilla, Hemp, Krill, Salmon & Chia  Omega 6’s - Pumpkin, Borage, Evening Primrose, Olive - Organic Unsalted Raw Butter - Winston Prices X-Factor Gold Butter Oil  Omega 9,s - Coconut, Red Palm
  116. 116.  Magnesium One of the most wide spread deficiencies. Opens ion pumps in cells helping generate ATP restoring “Yin”. Restores, calms and strengthens nervous system. Improves good cholesterol. Regulates calcium. Replenishes potassium. Increases copper & zinc. Lowers heavy metals. Lowers extra cellular sodium. Enhances vitamins A, B’s, C, D, E & balances sulfur. Limits bone drawing of calcium. Activator of over 300 enzyme reactions in the body. Helps process sugar & fat into ATP & store ATP. Involved in protein formation, DNA & RNA production. power point frame 4F
  117. 117.  Copper Most limited deficiency in the potential of the human organism. Main mineral along with less zinc, a trace iron, generous levels of magnesium & a trace calcium in cell binding. It is absorbed with the help of Vitamin C and Beta-Carotene. Protein production. Melonin, collagen, anti-fungal/yeast & anti-parasitic. Thickens skin, improves color can reverse gray hair. When copper is metabolized on a cellular level it increases the orbital range and velocity of the electron around the nucleolus. Slows down cell division. Maintains integrity. Builds hemoglobin. Feeds brain and glands. Creates an electromagnetic field around nucleolus and body reflecting radiation preserving the flesh within.
  118. 118.  Zinc Second most important cell-binding mineral. Is absorbed because of copper, & helped by Vitamin A. For brain and hormone systems (with copper). For immune system. Works with silicon for healthy skin, hair & nails. Speeds healing. A Coenzyme in 70-90 enzymes in digestion and metabolism. For reproductive organ development (esp. males). For Collagen synthesis & SuperOxide Dismutase(SOD). Lessens Lactic Acid build-up improving acid/alkaline balance. Regulates insulin with help from chromium.
  119. 119.  Iron Most over abundant mineral in humans today. Small amounts are needed but often large amounts accumulate in the body while none is actually metabolized. Correcting other mineral deficiencies allows iron to be metabolized. Excess iron is pro-aging, attracting radiation & spliting RNA & DNA increasing cell division & protien mutation(hemochromatosis). Taking blood lowers iron. Calcium, Cacao & Green Tea lower iron absorbtion. When Magnesium, Copper & Zinc levels are brought they out compete & lower iron.
  120. 120.  Calcium Out of balance for most people through out life due to extreme Magnesium deficiency. Once Magnesium is corrected some Calcium is needed. Calcium comprises more than 50% of all body hard mineral content. 75-99% of Calcium is used with Phosphorus, Boron, Manganese, Silica, Magnesium, Copper, Zinc, Strontium, Protein, Vitamins A, B’s, C, D, K & Folic Acid to form bone & teeth tissue. If you took all the Calcium out of a bone, you could bend & tie it into a knot. Blood Calcium rises and falls with sugar. American diet is 300mg Magnesium/2000mg Calcium, Japanese diet is 2000mg Magnesium/500 Calcium. Most calcification is wrong ratios and exasperated by Alkalosis.
  121. 121.  Potasium Works with Sodium for ATP. Cellular metabolism. Vasodiolator. Is to soft tissue (pliancy) what Calcium is to bones (strength). Ideally 2-4x more Potassium to Sodium. For strength, body tone, energy, healing & recuperation when salt is omitted). Helps kidneys eliminate waste. Helps skin, digestion, hear, gums. Glycogen stores from sugar. Apple Cider Vinegar is a good source.  Sulfur The beauty mineral. For skin, nails & hair. MSM replaces Collagen with Vitamin C. Counters over alkalinity. Cleanses Cells. Reduces inflammation. Mild laxative. Improves immune system. Increases flexibility and strength. Reduces joint pain.
  122. 122.  Silica Works with Magnesium, Copper, Calcium & Vitamin C. The second most abundant element (oxygen #1). At birth the body has a large supply of the youth mineral Silica & low Calcium. With aging the ratio reverses. Helps bones, skin, tendon, ligaments & hair. Increase Collagen strength in all connective tissue. For youthful lung and heart tissue.
  123. 123.  Chromium Lowers glucose 20-30% in one dose. Lowers sugar cravings & blood pressure. Cofactor in one of the body’s most powerful anabolic hormones, Insulin, & HGH release. Improves growth rate, muscle mass & longevity. Spurs calorie burning of Sodium/Potasium pump. Improves carbohydrate metabolism & wound healing. Synthesis of fatty acids & cholesterol. Improves utilization of amino acids. Involved in synthesis of heart protein for longevity. Helps binding action RNA molecules.
  124. 124.  Selenium Powerful antioxidant. For fertility. Works with Vitamin E to preserve tissue elasticity. Protects cell membranes. For growth, prevents premature aging. For eyes, skin and hair loss. Enhances Vitamin C. Delays oxidation of polyunsaturated fatty acids. Stimulates the Immune system. Slow undesirable cell division of mutated cells. Helps prevent chromosome-breakage birth defects. Protects from environmental pollution. Protects from mercury poisoning.
  125. 125.  Silver Highly antibiotic as fine water particle ions having an opposite charge to pathogens allowing Silver to penetrate germ cell walls stopping reproduction & destroying the enzyme germs need for oxygen suffocating them. Anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-fungal. Silver supports the immune system & is anti-inflammatory.
  126. 126.  Gold Helps Silver assimilation. Expels lead. Best electrical conductor for nerve transmission. Anti-depressant/mood elevator. Empowers vitality & longevity. Rejuvenates sluggish glands. Helps cells program DNA/RNA. Improves circulation. Speeds wound healing. Reduces scar tissue. Improves heart muscle rhythm. Horstetail contains traces of Gold.  Boron Helps brain wave functions of mental alertness, arousal, recall, concentration. Brain synchrony and motor skills. Improves cartilage and Collagen cell division through an increase in ATP. Lessens Calcium loss 44%, Magnesium loss 33%. Helps Bones. Spurs Vitamin D.
  127. 127.  Manganese Improves glucose tolerance and the pituitary. With choline aids fat digestion and use. Synthesis of fatty acids and cholesterol. A brain & nerves food stored with lecithin. For neuromuscular coordination. Can improve memory and eyesight, regulates neurotransmitters. For inner lining of heart and blood vessels. Component of several enzymes metabolizing carbohydrates, fats & proteins. Promotes natural reproduction & growth. Enzyme activator for normal skeletal bone development.
  128. 128.  Cobalt Works with Vitamin B12 for growth, nerves & blood building. Activates a number of enzymes regulating metabolism. Works with Copper & Iron in blood making. Helps heart health. Most everyone is deficient. Best taken first thing in AM.  Indium 7th rarest element. Little to none taken up in plants. Humans are 99-100% deficient. George Bonadio’s Patent made Indium absorbable for the first time. You may live without super metal Indium but you cannot achieve progressive health without it. Indium balances 81 hormones & increases all other mineral absorption from 61%- 694% depending on the mineral and the organ. Increases strength, energy. Improves sleep. Has a high success rate reversing gray hair. Improves mental and spiritual performance & helps many loose ADD/addiction & negative thoughts.
  129. 129.  Iodine Iodine is one of the 4 most needed minerals. Regulates metabolism influencing growth, weight & energy levels largely through the thyroid. Protects brain from toxins. Improves hair, skin, nails & teeth. Helps form hemoglobin. Vasodiolator. Improves circulation, esp. to extremities. Reduces swelling & firms muscles. Improves uric acid metabolism. Converts Carotene to Vitamin A. Helps detox and regulate thryroid, mammories & ovaries. Iodine in Apple Cider Vinegar in water helped raise faster horses.
  130. 130.  Germanium Germanium Sesquioxide 132 works with oxygen limiting free radicals. Is a semiconductor like slilca, soothes nerves Immune stimulant of Macrofphages, Killer cells, T-cells. Anti-viral & anti-candida. Improves cardiovascular health. Help reduce cataracts, can restore eyesight & hearing loss. Help bones & joint health, heals burns with less scar tissue.  Strontium Builds strong bones. Resembles and replaces Calcium.  Vanadium Helps fat metabolism & cardiovascular health. Good for cartilage, bones & teeth. Helps regulate glucose like GTF Chromium. Competes with Chromium takes less and apart from.
  131. 131. Cell binding theory of Aging Mineral Imbalances and how to build the perfect cell  Increasing longevity Magnesium, Copper, Zinc and Calcium in ratio bind the cellular wall Iron breaks down the RNA and DNA and creates an undesirable EMF field Copper needs Vitamin C and Beta-Carotene The Benefits of Chlorophyll and SOD
  132. 132. 30 Minute BREAK
  133. 133. Jason Wrobel
  134. 134. Dinner Break
  135. 135. David Wolfe
  136. 136. David Wolfe
  137. 137. David Wolfe
  138. 138. David Wolfe
  139. 139. Olive Oil
  140. 140. David Wolfe
  141. 141. David Wolfe
  142. 142. Aloe Vera
  143. 143. Asparagus
  144. 144. Avocado
  145. 145. Broccoli
  146. 146. Cacao Powder
  147. 147. Cats Claw
  148. 148. Cedar
  149. 149. Chanca Piedra
  150. 150. Coconut Oil
  151. 151. Ginseng
  152. 152. Incan Berry
  153. 153. Camu
  154. 154. Sprout
  155. 155. Lucuma
  156. 156. Mac Nut
  157. 157. Maca
  158. 158. Malva
  159. 159. Milk
  160. 160. Purple Corn
  161. 161. Star Fruit
  162. 162. Tomato
  163. 163. Watermelon
  164. 164. Yacon
  165. 165. Thank You!
  166. 166.