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introduction to experience it


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introduction to experience it

  1. 1. Agenda Introductions Particular interests/focus areas Purpose of the call Time frame e! background What we do How we do it: some client examples Next steps
  2. 2. Purpose of the call To understand your needs and to provide a focused ‘tour’ of our business simulations and programs Establish a time frame How much time do you have for this overview? e! background
  3. 3. e! background •Founded 20 years ago •Designs and delivers business simulations, experiential learning solutions and large-scale change programs for some of the world’s finest organizations. •Our client list includes many Fortune 500 companies (Boeing, Rio Tinto Alcan, Whirlpool, Microsoft, AT&T, GlaxoSmithKline) as well as many public sector organizations (Canada Post, Environment Canada, ServiceOntario, Arizona Public Service). exper!ence it inc. operates in ten languages, on five continents, in 20 countries
  4. 4. What we do How we do it: some client examples
  5. 5. exper!ence it inc. designs and delivers the world's best in-classroom leadership simulations
  6. 6. e! simulations… Interactive Emotionally engaging Intellectually involving High energy & participatory Story-driven Enjoyable Lead to learning & impact
  7. 7. Our Process 1. Meet with you to establish your business and training needs 2. Identify and (co)design your solution 3. Manage logistics and facilitate the experience (or provide a train the trainer session) 4. Support learning transfer and application and measure ROI
  8. 8. e! Simulation Design Continuum Metaphorical Real
  9. 9. Maxx Performance Custom Design & Facilitation for Bank of Montreal Learning Outcomes: • Leadership development • Managing shareholder value • Emotional intelligence Now being used by Microsoft Leadership Development
  10. 10. The Journey Home Custom Design & Facilitation for Boeing Learning Outcomes: • Alignment to Mission • Teamwork • Innovation • Virtual Connection Rolled out globally to 5,500 managers at Boeing Currently our most successful off-the-shelf program, used by 35,000 managers worldwide in a diverse set of industries
  11. 11. Metaphorical Design Boeing - Confederacy of Stars Managing Risk Understanding Systems Aligning to Mission Leveraging Diversity Building Networks
  12. 12. Project Delta Custom Design & Facilitation for Rio Tinto Alcan Learning Outcomes: • Leadership of Environment, Health and Safety Delivered globally to 1,500 Alcan managers ROI documented 25% decrease in accidents and incidents, year over year, for three years running
  13. 13. SalesWorld & Planet X Custom Design & Facilitation for Procter & Gamble Learning Outcomes: • Face-to-face selling skills & customer focus • The market beyond one cycle • The need for a strategic sales plan • B 2 B enterprise level sales • Leadership of a sales team Used by 800 sales managers & 1000 sales representatives at P&G Programs have now run for over 15,000 other sales professionals globally
  14. 14. Ecolab Currently in Design for General Electric Learning Outcomes: • Influence within a Matrix Organization Will be rolled out to 5,000 GE leaders and managers
  15. 15. Infinity Custom Design & Facilitation for Whirlpool Learning Outcomes: Rolled out in six languages • Leadership development globally • Transformation of the company on behalf of the Now being used by Microsoft in customer their High-Potential Leadership Program
  16. 16. An In-depth Look: HCSC (Blue Cross / Blue Shield) Welcome to the City of Rosedale
  17. 17. HCSC - Rosedale • A simulation designed to transform leadership behaviors to prepare for the future of healthcare in the United States • In our simulation, the twin cities of Rosesale and Mooredale compete for scarce health care resources amongst declining budgets and growing needs. • Intense on-the-floor buying, selling and negotiating is backed up and tracked by a complex computer model to determine the winning team.
  18. 18. HCSC - Rosedale
  19. 19. HCSC - Rosedale
  20. 20. HCSC - Rosedale
  21. 21. HCSC - Rosedale
  22. 22. HCSC - Rosedale
  23. 23. “I have been impressed with the urgency of doing. Knowing is not enough; we must apply. Being willing is not enough; we must do.” - Leonardo da Vinci
  24. 24. Four Stages of Impact!
  25. 25. • Impact! is experience it inc.’s award- winning learning transfer, support and follow-up process • It has been designed specifically to ensure: that your investment in learning and development is transferred to the workplace and put into practice; that it is aligned to and supports the strategy of your business, and helps to build and reinforce a culture of learning and growth.
  26. 26. Stage 1: Alignment
  27. 27. Stage 2: Goal Setting
  28. 28. Stage 3: Action
  29. 29. Stage 4: Impact!
  30. 30. Four Stages of Impact!
  31. 31. • Next Steps Next Steps
  32. 32. 107 Boardwalk Drive Toronto, ON M4L 3X9 Canada (416) 699-6107