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Traverse email retargeting marketers


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Traverse email retargeting marketers

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Traverse email retargeting marketers

  1. 1. Traverse Email Retargeting A second chance to make a first impression.
  2. 2. Traverse Email Retargeting Get a second chance to make a first impression. Leverage the power of email to deliver your message and bring prospects back to your website. Site abandonment email retargeting to unidentified prospects. Achieve results: Email retargeting campaigns from Traverse generate click-through rates as high as 5%, and returning prospects are 2.4x more likely to convert. 2 Unidentified prospects are the 90% of website visitors that you don't recognize, and therefore can't send an email to today.
  3. 3. How it Works It’s as easy as 1-2-3! 3 Visits your website and leaves without converting. You don’t have an email address for the prospect. Recognizes the user and locates a publisher in our Trusted Publisher Network that has an opt-in relationship with your prospect. Sends a retargeting email to the prospect containing your creative. Revisits your website and converts.
  4. 4. Your creative is sent by a publisher in our Trusted Publisher Network. Sample Email Retargeting Ads 4 Publisher inserts your creative into their branded template, and sends it to your prospect. Prospects are engaged and driven back to your site to convert.
  5. 5. Why Traverse? Team Our team has more than 15 years of experience in email marketing and has led some of the following companies through rapid growth and success: Our Approach We’re focused on optimizing user experience and increasing conversions.  Emails come from a publisher in our Trusted Publisher Network.  Emails are sent within minutes to maintain relevance and increase click through rate.  Campaigns are optimized to maximize performance. Partner with a trusted team and proven approach. 5
  6. 6. Traverse moves your prospects through the funnel and converts them into customers. Sample Metrics Every month, people visit your website to learn more and shop. 60% of these unidentified prospects are recognized by Traverse. 40% have opted in to receive email offers from our publishers. 5% click on the email, and are sent back to your site where they are 2.4x more likely to convert.* 6 90% of these prospects leave without providing an email address. 100,000 Unidentified prospects 60,000 Prospects that Traverse can recognize 24,000 Emails sent to your prospects Example: 1,200 Prospects return to your site * Experian Marketing Services, Quarterly email benchmark report, Q3 2016.
  7. 7. Our Trusted Publisher Network is large and growing – and as we grow, you can too. Publisher Examples 7
  8. 8. Contact Us to Learn More @TraverseData Traverse Data 212.457.4975 Eamonn Flynn VP, Business Development Craig Swerdloff CEO  CPC pricing  No minimums Get results through low-risk, CPC pricing. 8