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10 Cutting-Edge Ways to Improve Conversion Rates on Ecommerce Websites


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These are the presentation notes from Evan Weber's Affiliate Summit West presentation about boost your website's conversion rate. This is accomplished through a series of updates, tweaks and tools, all working in harmony to boost the overall conversion rate of your ecommerce website.

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10 Cutting-Edge Ways to Improve Conversion Rates on Ecommerce Websites

  1. 1. 10 Innovative Ways to Solve the Website Conversion Rate Dilemma By Evan Weber, CEO of Experience Advertising, Inc. 1. Retargeting/Remarketing – the lifeblood of conversion optimization - ​ ​Google Adwords Retargeting​ –​ Dynamic Product Level, Category/Service Specific - ​Facebook Retargeting -​ Non-Converters, Customer Retention, Upsells, Email-to-Page Like - ​Twitter Retargeting -​ Non-Converters, CRM, Email-to-Follower - ​Video Retargeting - ​on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Video Ad Networks - ​Email Open Retargeting - ​targeting email blast openers, See:​ ​SendRoll by Adroll - Cart Abandonment Retargeting - ​Follow-up Emails, Sequences, Automation, See:​ ​SaleCycle 2. Pop-Ups – Build email list much faster than by sale. - Entry Pop-up -​ Coupon for Email, WhitePaper, eBook, Webinar Signup - Slideout Widget -​ vCita, Book Appointment, Contact, Send Money - Exit Pop-up - ​“Before you go…”, Robotic Live Chat, AI Window - On-Site Surveys - ​Great for Collecting Feedback (​ForeSee​) - Personalized Promotions - ​Slide-out Offers based on User Behavior (apps) 3. Click-to-Call – getting really big. - Getting Really Big Due to Smart Phones - Google Offers Click-to-Call Only Campaigns - Use Call Tracking Services – See:​ ​Convirza - Use In Facebook Ads with Dedicated Toll-Free #’s - Have Great Salespeople Ready - Don’t Outsource It - It’s Internal Sales 4. PPC Search Ads and Display Ads - #1 source of targeted traffic. Make it work! - Use Google Ad Extensions: Sitelinks, Call Out, Review Extensions - Insert the Keyword In the Search Ad Title - Offer a Promotion in the Ad Copy – Google Shopping add coupon code - Keyword > Ad > Landing page – Continuity - Click to Call - Call Tracking Software - A/B Test to See Which Ads Convert Best 5. Pro-Active Live Chat – great for facilitating on-site sales and customer service. - Adds a Human Touch – ​which people love. - Proactively Engage with Visitors – ​on certain pages or site wide - Target Pages for Chats - Target Users for Chats – ​shows location of users and if they have returned to the site - Offer Deals through Chat - Be Friendly and Outgoing - Convert Chat Transcripts into F.A.Q. Content – ​great for SEO and creating user-generated content.
  2. 2. 6. Multivariate (A/B) Testing ​– If you aren’t testing, you aren’t increasing conversion rate. - ​Set-up experiments on page elements – ​start on the homepage and then to sections of the site. - Common Elements to Test: ​Main Image, Submit Button, Logo, Add to Cart button, Product Photos, Button Colors, Button Copy -,​ ​​ –​ ​Case Studies 7. Trust and Security - ​ ​Secure Site + EV​ – the best for website security - Norton’s Shopper Guarantee - #1 for ecommerce - BBB Online – tried and true - Charities – great for warm and fuzzy - Associations and Organizations – great as well 8. Referrals and Sharing – ​turn visitors and customers into active referrers. - ​Referral Programs; Affiliate Programs – ​very similar but you need both. - Great Customer Experience = Referable Company - Have Sharing and Referral Options Everywhere – ​on-site, in emails, on the phone, etc. - Reward for Referring - lowers CPA, Increases Profit - Promote Referral Program Everywhere - Boosted Posts on Facebook, Thank You Page, Website Layout, CSRs, Website Header 9. Customer Reviews – the #1 motivating factor in customer purchasing behavior. - 90% of online purchasers read a review - Gather them Everywhere – on the site, through email - Display them Everywhere – product pages, homepage, About Us - Share Them Socially and Advertise Them - Video Testimonials are Great – See​ ​ - Blogger Product Reviews, Customer Experience Reviews 10. Incentivize and Monetize – The Low-hanging Fruit - ​Motivate Buying with Incentives – See:​ ​​,​ ​ifeelgoods - Scarcity and Limited Time Promotions - Upsell in the Cart - Have an Offer for Your Thank You Page and order confirmation emails - Have a Strategy to Increase LTV - Have Great Follow-up Emails - Re-Market Offers and Products Regularly Additional Resources:
  3. 3. Shopify App Directory​ – most of the best new apps for websites are here. Presentation Notes – ​ Evan’s LinkedIn Articles and Videos - Thank you for attending! Evan Weber, CEO Experience Advertising, Inc. @experienceads Skype: evan.experience LinkedIn Profile: ​https://www.​linkedin​.com/in/​evanweber​1