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Islamic Daily Observances


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This is the third in a series of ppts in the Pecha Kucha format produced by high school students. The ppts are part of a collaboration project between a SE Asian and a Middle Eastern school aimed at fostering a greater understanding of differing religious faiths

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  • Your explanation of the five pillars of Islam are accurate, the Shahada, salat (prayer), sawm (fasting), zakat (charity), pilgrimage. A bit more emphasis on the importance of fasting is important; we missed that in this presentation. We were not sure slide 5/6 was portraying the man and woman next to one of the holy books was conveying. As mentioned above no photos/images of prophets are allowed in Islam, the rational has to do with the fact that we should not rely on one person’s imagination of how they personify that prophet/angle/god etc.
    This applies to the image you have of Jesus and Miriam. These are images you wouldn’t see in the Muslim world, while perhaps you might run across them in the Arab World, for there are Arab Christians in the Middle East.
    Apologizes for focusing you’re your images, like they say “a picture speaks a thousand words,” slide #10 with the image of people praying and shoes are in front of them is not the best way I would portray the importance of prayer. Muslims are not allowed to pray with their shoes in front of them, a different image here would be highly recommended for this holy act.
    Over all your facts are accurate and to the point, well done. We truly enjoyed your last statement which many people miss, that “Islam would become a way of Life,” this in fact is the essence of why Islam was put into place. 
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Islamic Daily Observances

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