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Islam and Controversy In the Eyes of the Western Media


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This slideshow is the last in a series of 4 Pecha Kucha style ppts created by a group of high school students in an attempt to represent their understanding of the Islamic faith.

All 4 ppts are part of an emerging collaboration project between a SE Asian and a Middle Eastern school aimed at fostering a greater understanding and tolerance of each others faiths.

While every effort has been made to ensure that the ppts are as constructive and diplomatic as possible some of the issues raised are undoubtedly controversial. If anyone who views this, or any of the other 3 ppts in this series, is offended by the content and feels the need to respond by all means do so. However, please bare in mind that the presentations were created by school students and are aimed at developing understanding and empathy through collaborative debate as opposed to fostering ill feeling and resentment.

Thank you for your understanding.

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  • This slide show stood out to us. It was well done, and well researched, and well said. The accuracy of misconceptions through the media, security measures, women rights, jihad, etc. are said in a manner that stood out to us.
    One important point that would deserve a bit of tweaking would be about women rights. While the information you present is true, it would be great if you mentioned the true Islamic teachings regarding women rights. For example, yes women need permission to work, and if you mentioned that ‘Islamically’ all the money she makes is for her ownership under Islam can help clarify one of many rights. And perhaps if you mentioned that the husbands controlling their wives’ work, money, etc. is a cultural act and not a religious one might help clear the mix-up.
    Your explanations regarding the controversy behind Jihad was well said and worth noting. It’s great that you made parallels in your presentations to extremists in America and to Crusades not presenting true Christianity.
    As for mentioning the Quran as sounding poetic is not very accurate, a more relevant word would be perhaps miraculous. There are many works of Arabic literature under the genre of poetry, and to compare the Quran to it would made it sound like something else that exists; under Islam we believe that no poet is able to replicate the words of God (Allah), even if it’s one of the world’s best poet on the universe.
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Islam and Controversy In the Eyes of the Western Media

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