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Global temperature variations and heat waves


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Global temperature variations and heat waves

  1. 1. Global TemperatureVariations and HeatWavesLinh Nguyen and Isabel WilsonIB HL1 Geography
  2. 2. BackgroundGlobal Temperature Variations: Temperature changes in different areas of the world. Heat Waves: A period of unusually hot weather
  3. 3. Causes• Atmospheric greenhouse gas concentration o -CO2, CH4,N2O• Urban heat islands o -Lack of greenery in cities may exacerbate heat load during heat waves
  4. 4. Consequences on environment• Rising sea level o Melting of icecaps and glaciers o Destroy polar bear and penguin habitats• Changes in lengths of seasons o Affects migration• Increased forest fires
  5. 5. Consequences on man• Health o increase in cardio- respiratory illnesses o increased infection• Agriculture o increased heat- >decreased precipitation -> drought -> dead crops• Water management o drought• Possible civil war
  6. 6. Solutions: Individual• Make use of public transportation• Educate others• Appeal to the government• Simple solutions o reusable bags
  7. 7. Solutions: National• Reduce cost differential between fossil fuels and carbon-free alternatives o Tax incentives• Increased government research• Emission constraints• Invest more on public transportations• Invest in agriculture, fishery
  8. 8. Solutions: International• Establish an environmentally conscious global economy• Policy intervention o Establish "baselines"• Global agreement on rules o like MDGs• Mitigation and adaptation
  9. 9. Bibliography temperatures-spur-steepest-sea-level-rise-2100-years-new-study- finds linh check the chat bar adaptation.html mismatch.html