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Effect of Climate Change on Agriculture


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Effect of Climate Change on Agriculture

  1. 1. Climate Change:Declining Agricultural Yields Yusuke Fukuyama and Daniel Um IB HL Geography
  2. 2. Crops DecliningU.S. Agricultural Department:-Corn production will decrease by 13% in the next 6 years-2012 had the lowest production 0f corn since 2006, with soybeans at its lowest production rate since 2003-Average 123.4 bushels per acre, down 24 bushels from last year (corn) (Credit: OSU Extension)
  3. 3. Causes•  Crops Optimal Growing Conditions Narrow: o  e.g. Corn: §  5°C Optimal Growing Range (Temperature) §  1 Inch/Day Optimal Growing Range (Rainfall)•  As ice caps melt, oceans salinity decreases o  Throws oceans convection currents out of order o  Messes with water cycle causing less rain
  4. 4. Effects•  Increase in staple food price -Corn price hitting an all time high in mid 2012 with $8.5 a bushel in Chicago•  Child Malnutrition -Global per capita calorie consumption will lower by 5%, Sub- Saharan consumption will lower by 10% in 2020•  Food Shortage for Future Generation - 1° increase in temperature can could play havoc by 2050
  5. 5. Solutions•  National Level: o  Countries Invest more in Green Technology o  Renewable Energy•  Individual Level: o  Biking, Car Pool, or Public Transport o  Buying Local Goods, o  Saving Electricity §  Turning off Lights §  Change to Energy Saving Light Bulbs/Electronics §  Using a Fan instead of Air-Conditioners
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