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Clark's Sector Model


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Clark's Model is an Economic theory/hypothesis that provides a description of three type of activities (Primary Sector, Secondary Sector, Tertiary Sector, Quaternary/Quinary Sector) essential to all societies

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Clark's Sector Model

  1. 1. Clark Sector ModelStephanie, Joy, Yusuke, Teru
  2. 2. What is the Clark Sector Model?Economic theory/hypothesis thatprovides a description of three typeof activities (Primary Sector,Secondary Sector, Tertiary Sector,Quaternary/Quinary Sector)essential to all societies.
  3. 3. Primary ActivitiesResources extracted from the earth; not processedSecondary ActivitiesProcessed products from primary, both durable and nondurable goods, and constructionTertiary ActivitiesProvision of services: teachers, nurses, etc.Quaternary ActivitiesResearch of science and technology /Levels of decision making for society/economy
  4. 4. CaseStudy - US
  5. 5. • Able to Explain the process of urbanization, industrialization• Economic development of a nation can be well modelled• Shows how there is more than one path to development
  6. 6. • Assumption that development is linear• Developed in 1940s and is outdated• Only takes into account "MEDC"s (that can have different sectors. e.g: some countries have poorer secondary sectors, etc)• Not valid due to Interdependency - raw materials usage is not equal and Fair amongst nations• Model doesnt include the international economic context such as imported manufactured goods
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