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Changing Patterns Of Rainfall


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A simple powerpoint, that explains what the general trend in rain patterns is and its implications on humans. Also what solutions can be used to counter the implications.

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Changing Patterns Of Rainfall

  1. 1. Changing patterns of rainfallby Alex, Manny, and Rene
  2. 2. Global Trend● More extreme on both ends● Either too much (flooding) or too little (drought)● Places with large populations have greater risk of experiencing drought or flooding
  3. 3. Cause and Explanation● Main cause are the increased greenhouse gas emissions● Increasing temperatures result to alterations in weather patterns● Melting ice caps, and rising sea levels
  4. 4. ConsequencesNegatives:● More flooding in certain areas● Damages crops and villages etc.● Ecosystems destroyed by excess water● More drought in e.g. Sub-Saharan countriesPositives:● Can use spare water to help areas with lack of water● Increased rainfall might help certain areas suffering with drought
  5. 5. ImplicationsSahel drought (decreased farming)= massive migrationAmerican Midwest drought= food and production shortageMassive flooding (eg. Bangladesh)= displacement/mass migrationChange in temp results to stronger typhoons= greater damage costsEcological catastrophe= mass extinction
  6. 6. Solutions● Water storage systems● Extend tributaries
  7. 7. Bibliography