Twitter 101


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In this training, we will cover:
What is Twitter?
When should you use Twitter?
Setting up your Twitter Profile & Settings
Twitter overview: Following, Hashtags, Mentions, & Direct Messages

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Twitter 101

  1. 1. Twitter 101 Understanding its Capabilities to Expand Your Network & Brand By Holly Solomon, Expand Socially
  2. 2. Agenda •What is Twitter? •When Should You Use Twitter? •Setting up Your Twitter Profile & Settings •Twitter Overview: Following, Hashtags, Mentions, Direct Messages TWITTER 101 Understanding its Capabilities to Expand Your Network & Brand Tweet comments today to:@expandsocially#socialmediawithholly
  3. 3. WHAT IS TWITTER? • Twitter is a social network and real-time communication service launched in 2006; 200 million active users • Users can access the site via the web and mobile devices to exchange frequent bite-size updates of information called 'tweets' which are messages of up to 140 characters long that anyone can send or read. • These messages or tweets are public by default and visible to all those who are following the tweeter. • Twitter allows you to follow other users you are interested in so that you'll see their updates on your home page, which is an aggregate feed of all the accounts you’re following.
  4. 4. WHEN YOU SHOULD TWITTER • To help your business to grow their audiences, increase traffic & generate more leads • To talk about something people care about • Share your expertise and success stories • To follow or connect with someone you don’t know yet
  5. 5. TWITTER PROFILE BIO Photo: Do not be an “egg” photo Location: List city reside in Website: List your company/business Bio: This is a place to add 160 characters about yourself. Use keywords to draw people to you and consider using hot hashtags. Facebook: If you allow this option, Facebook can post on your behalf your tweets to your Facebook profile.
  6. 6. TWITTER SETTINGS Account: Username: You can choose to uncheck the box “let others find me by my email address” as this will allow friends to find your username and request to follow you if they have your email address. Tweet Location: I do not suggest you check the box “Add a location to my tweets” as this will show where you are located when you tweet. Tweet Media: Make sure both boxes are not checked. Tweet Privacy: If you check this box it protects tweets and you will have to accept someone before they can see your tweets. Personalization: Check this box to require personal information to reset your password. Email notifications: Get updates about activity related to your network. Apps: Review apps and make sure they are needed or “revoke access”
  7. 7. TWITTER FACTS Acronyms: DM (Direct Messages),FF (Follow Friday), RT (Retweet) Hashtag: The # symbol, called a hashtag, is used to mark keywords or topics in a Tweet. Clicking on the hashtag will lead you to a thread of 100 most recent users that have applied that hashtag to their posts. •Use a hashtag before a relevant keyword or phrase •Best practice is not to use more than 2 hashtags per tweet Mentions: The @ sign is used to call out usernames in Tweets, like this: Hello @Twitter! When a username is preceded by the @ sign, it becomes a link to a Twitter profile. Direct Messages: Also called a DM these messages are private between the sender and recipient
  8. 8. UTILIZING LISTS What is a List? •A list is a curated group of Twitter users. •You can create your own lists or subscribe to lists created by others. •Viewing a list timeline will show you a stream of Tweets from only the users on that list. •You can create up to 20 lists with each list having up to 500 users. •Create a list/Add people to a list/Privacy in lists •Lists you are on •Share lists via URL List Example
  9. 9. WHY USE LISTS? • Helpful way to organize people whose tweets you don’t want overlooked • You can see tweets in an organized fashion of people you are not following • You do not need to follow the account to have them on a list
  10. 10. FAVORITE TWEETS Favorites, represented by a small star icon next to a Tweet, are most commonly used when users like a Tweet. A Favorite Tweet can let the person know that you liked their Tweet. Favorite tweets are seen publically so only favorite a tweet you want others to see you liked.
  11. 11. SCHEDULING & TOOLS Scheduling Tools: Hootsuite and TweetDeck •Keep track & manage your social networks in one place (online or via phone app) •Monitor multiple streams and lists in one place •Hootsuite is the only tool that allows you to post to your Google+ Page •Can be used on iphone and android mobile apps •Some offer free reports Twitalyzer- Paid: Deep dive into your twitter metrics (demographic data & other analytics) Free: Get an analysis on use of best time to tweet and Free: Create short URLs for links on posts/tweets; See statistics on clicks. You can see a number of people who clicked on your tweet if you include a link and use; Register it with the site and you can then track your engagement
  12. 12. TWITTER BEST PRACTICES • Create quality content (use images, videos, contests, and surveys as ways to engage) • Use mentions and hashtags to drive viewers • Engage/welcome your followers; Turn followers into viewers • Use demographic search capabilities to follow local people & businesses • Commit to 12-24 hour response time to tweets/mentions • Refrain from posting anything that could be perceived as reflecting political, racial, sexist, religious or other bias or favoritism • Encourage viewers to share your tweets – to Retweet
  13. 13. Holly Solomon Expand Socially (614)440-7988 Do you have questions? QUESTIONS?