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2013 Social Media In Enterprises


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Presentation from 2013 Contingency Planners of Ohio Conference, October. We cover social media statistics and usage in enterprises and some examples of enterprises using social media successfully. We discuss challenges businesses face using social media along with regulations and compliance information.

Published in: Technology, Business
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2013 Social Media In Enterprises

  1. 1. SOCIAL MEDIA IN ENTERPRISES 2013 Contingency Planners of Ohio Conference, October 2013 By Holly Solomon, Expand Socially
  2. 2. SOCIAL  MEDIA  IN  ENTERPRISES   Agenda   Tweet  co m @expand ments  today  to:   so #socialm cially   ediawith holly     • Social  Media  Today   • Social  Media  in  Enterprises   • Examples  of  Enterprises  using  Social  Media   • Top  10  Challenges  of  using  Social  Media  in   Enterprises   • Regula=ons  and  Compliance   • Future  Outlook  of  Social  Media          
  3. 3. SOCIAL  MEDIA  CURRENT  STATISTICS   •  Most  large  organiza=ons  maintain  at  least  10  Facebook   accounts  (many  have  more  than  200)   •  90%  have  a  presence  on  TwiMer   •  65%  of  employers  encourage  the  use  of  social  media  for   work  related  ac=vi=es   •  Only  25%  of  businesses  have  a  stand-­‐alone,  dedicated   social  media  policy   Your  customers  are  likely  using  social  media!  For  those   choosing  not  to  are  siTng  on  the  sidelines  and  missing  out   on  opportuni=es  to  brand  your  company  further  and/or   defend  your  brand.    
  5. 5. WHY  BUSINESSES  SHOULD  CARE  ABOUT  SOCIAL  MEDIA   -­‐  Improve  Customer  Rela=onships:  Customers  want  to  have   conversa=ons  with  the  brands  they  buy  from   -­‐  Increase  Media  Coverage   -­‐  Tell  your  story/Rumor  control   -­‐  Funnel  people  to  helpful  resources   -­‐  Influence  Sales:  Network  with  prospects  through  exis=ng   customers-­‐  AMract  new  clients   -­‐  Find  Top  Talent  through  your  employee’s  networks/ recommenda=ons   -­‐  Communicate  with  a  larger  audience     The  greatest  barrier  to  success  in  social  media  outreach  is  a  lack  of  knowledge.*     B2B  communica6on  is  changing…don’t  be  the  last  to  connect.       Get  informed,  get  involved,  get  SOCIAL!  
  6. 6. WHAT  ARE  COMPANIES  SHARING  ON  SOCIAL  SITES?   •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  Product  info     Promo=ons  or  special  offers     Offer  feedback       Influence  product  direc=on   Open  posi=ons/Why  you  would  want  to  work  for  them   News  related  to  the  company   Tips  and  advice   Informa=on  that  is  easily  accessible   Info  people  will  engage  with  that  they  can  share  with  their   followers     The  key  to  unlocking  social  media  value,  is  aligning  your  viewers   needs/wants  with  your  business  goals!    
  7. 7. NATIONWIDE  INSURANCE  RESPONDS  WITH  CONTACT   INFO   s   -­‐  wish  thi **Wow d    happene always  I   me  when for   !    complain need  to
  8. 8. HUMANA  GOT  26K  EMPLOYEES  ON  AN  INTERNAL   SOCIAL  NETWORK   Humana  says…..   -­‐        Over  26K  of  the  firm's  40K  employees  are  on  the  company's  social  network.   -­‐  More  than  200  addi=onal  employees  a  week  are  joining.     -­‐  They  are  inves=ng  in  this  to  “Accomplish  business  objec=ves”  and  ”develop   posi=ve  personal  rela=onships  around  areas  of  mutual  interests.”     hMp://­‐social-­‐networking-­‐success-­‐ story-­‐socialcast-­‐humana      
  9. 9. OTHER  ENTERPRISE  SOCIAL  MEDIA  EXAMPLES   Enga ging   with  que sOon s   Because  they   asked….   Got  their  customers   to  post  photos  of   their  products!  
  10. 10. BIG  LOTS  USING  SOCIAL  MEDIA  TO  ATTRACT  TALENT   LINKEDIN •  28 likes •  4 comments
  11. 11. VERIZON  SUCCEEDS  WITH  PINTEREST   PINTEREST •  5209 People following •  73 People like their pins •  They have 10 boards with 105 Pins
  12. 12. LINKEDIN •  12 likes •  3 comments 10TV  GETS  VIEWERS   TWITTER •  4 Retweets •  1 Person favorited the tweet
  13. 13. SEDGWICK  BUILDS  FOLLOWERS  WHILE  GIVING  BACK   FACEBOOK •  # of likes •  40 comments •  262 shared to their network
  14. 14. MAYO  CLINIC  USES  SOCIAL  MEDIA  FOR  EMPLOYEES   •  Facebook  Page  for  just  for  their  employees:   hMps://­‐at-­‐Mayo-­‐Clinic/ 126340460797126   •  YouTube  for  “New  Employee  Orienta=on”  that  shares  social  media   guidelines  and  best  prac=ces  for  their  employees.   hMp://     •  They  publish  their  social  guidelines  on  their  website:   hMp://­‐mayo-­‐clinic-­‐ employees/    
  15. 15. EXPAND  SOCIALLY’S  TOP  10  COUNTDOWN  OF   CHALLENGES  IN  USING  SOCIAL  MEDIA  IN  ENTERPRISES   1.  Enterprises  typically  prohibit  use  of  social  media  in  the  workplace   2.  Employees  or  customers  sharing  nega=ve  feedback  publically   3.  Too  many  hands  in  the  social  media  pot     4.  GeTng  organiza=onal  commitment   5.  Social  Media  policies  &  procedures  are  struggling  to  keep  up   6.  Jus=fying  the  cost  of  social  media  because  ROI  is  difficult  to  produce   7.  The  nature  of  social  media  has  built  up  expecta=ons  for  a  speedy  response  from   organiza=ons   8.  Enterprises  face  complicated  ques=ons  concerning  how  they  can  control  social   media  usage   9.  Organiza=ons  are  challenged  with  knowing  what  tools  they  should  use     And………     10.  Compliance  Fears:  Many  regula=ons  are  not  clear  how  they  pertain  to  social  media  
  16. 16. EXAMPLES  OF  SOCIAL  MEDIA  GONE  WRONG   Poten=al  hires  need  to  be  careful  what  they  post:     •  2009  a  person  tweeted:  "Cisco  just  offered  me  a  job!  Now  I  have  to  weigh  the  u=lity  of  a   faMy  paycheck  against  the  daily  commute  to  San  Jose  and  ha=ng  the  work.”   •  A  Cisco  employee  saw  this  and  contacted  the  person  who  hired  him.   •  Cisco  revoked  the  offer.   Employees  need  to  be  careful  what  they  post:   •  Someone  tweeted  they  were  going  to  a  big  sales  mee=ng  in  Bentonville,  Arkansas.   •  Because  Bentonville  happens  to  be  the  HQ  for  Wal-­‐Mart,  compe=tors  -­‐  as  well  as  Wal-­‐ Mart  (client)  -­‐-­‐  learned  about  the  disclosure.     •  Wal-­‐Mart  became  so  angry,  they  canceled  the  mee=ng.     Employee  violated  non-­‐compete:   •  In  2009,  a  technical  recruiter,  leu  IT  staffing  firm  TEKsystems  Inc.  but  con=nued  to  send   messages  to  members  of  their  LinkedIn  network  who  worked  for  the  firm.     •  TEKsystems  filed  a  lawsuit  with  the  employee  and  their  new  employers.     •  The  Court  entered  a  Consent  Order  for  Permanent  Injunc=on  prohibi=ng  the  former   employee  from  solici=ng  or  contac=ng  the  company’s  customers  for  a  period  of  12  months.  
  17. 17. REGULATIONS  AND  SOCIAL  MEDIA   Forrester  Research  has  iden=fied  more  than  a  dozen  regula=ons  in   North  America  and  Europe  that  have  direct  implica=ons  for  how   organiza=ons  manage  social  media:   -­‐  Na=onal  Labor  Rela=ons  Act   -­‐  Financial  Industry  Regulatory  Authority's  (FINRA)  Regulatory   No=ces  10-­‐06  and  11-­‐39   -­‐  Federal  Trade  Commission's  (FTC)  updated  .com  Disclosures   guidance   -­‐   Federal  Financial  Ins=tu=ons  Examina=on  Council's  (FFIEC)   proposed  "Social  Media:  Consumer  Compliance  Risk  Management   Guidance”     -­‐  Proposed  European  Union  General  Data  Protec=on  Regula=on.     -­‐  New  rules  from  the  U.S.  Food  and  Drug  Administra=on  and  other   regulatory  agencies  are  likely  on  the  way.  
  18. 18. COMPLIANCE  AND  SOCIAL  MEDIA   •  Data  ProtecOon  and  Privacy:  Organiza=ons  should  evaluate  how  they  collect  social  media  data  and   work  to  clearly  address  their  inten=ons  in  a  public  way,  such  as  through  their  websites'  public  privacy   policy  statements.   •  Employee  rights:  To  address  these  concerns,  organiza=ons  can  adopt  policies  to  guide  employee  use   of  social  media  but  must  be  careful  that  they  do  not  conflict  with  country  or  state  privacy  laws/labor   laws.  Be  careful  how  you  monitor  employees,  restrict  behavior  and/or  gather  informa=on  from   social  channels  for  hiring  purposes.     •  Disclosure  and  third-­‐party  endorsement:  Your  social  media  messages  should  meet  your  industry’s   regula=ons.  For  example,  some  social  posts  can  be  considered  endorsements  as  they  remain  live  for   a  long  period  of  =me  on  the  internet.     •  Governance  and  oversight:  Since  more  enterprises  and  specific  groups  within  those  organiza=ons   (HR)  are  using  social  media,  regulators  in  some  industries,  such  as  FINRA  and  FFIEC,  now  want  to  see   organiza=ons  to  develop  proper  internal  procedures  and  controls  to  ensure  they  manage  associated   risks  effec=vely.   •  InformaOon  archiving  and  retenOon:  There  are  great  challenges  with  archiving  your  content  since   content  creators  can  edit  or  delete  posts  auer  they  are  published.  You  should  determine  what  your   context  of  business  communica=ons  is  first  and  then  decide  how  to  manage  to  it.  
  19. 19. WHAT  SHOULD  YOUR  ENTERPRISE  DO  TODAY?     Social  Media  is  not  going  away-­‐  it’s  only  increasing     Don’t  shy  away  from  Social  Media  because  of  the  unknown-­‐  the   benefits  are  too  great!     Enterprises  should…..     Take  precau1ons  by  focusing  on  the  regula1ons  you  need  to   comply  with  and  put  in  a  governance  process  to  comply  with  them.      
  20. 20. QUESTIONS  TO  ASK  YOUR  COMPANY   What  regula=ons  does  our  company  need  to  follow?   What/how  are  we  monitoring  the  social  world?   Who  is  accountable  for  monitoring?   How  are  we  tracking  and  managing  nega=ve  feedback?   Is  there  currently  an  inventory  of  the  various  social  accounts   we  have?  And  does  this  include  any  leaders  in  the   organiza=on?   •  Do  we  have  any  specific  social  media  policy  in  place  for  the   employees?   •  When  was  the  social  media  policy  updated  last?   •  •  •  •  • 
  21. 21. FUTURE  OULOOK  IN  SOCIAL  MEDIA   •  Social  media  will  become  a  daily  rou=ne  for  those  not  already  using  it.     •  Companies  will  be  asking  more  how  they  can  integrate  social  media  into  their  mix   of  communica=ons.     •  New  social  playorms  will  become  known  and  u=lized;  Some  exis=ng  will  go  away.   •  E-­‐mail  and  instant  messengers  have  constantly  been  dropping  in  popularity.     •  The  media  budgets  will  shiu  to  content  crea=on,  monitoring  &  management.   •  Social  media  will  share  more  sensi=ve  topics  &  serious  discussions.     •  More  companies  will  be  monitoring  their  brand  due  to  the  increase  in  bad  press   seen  in  the  public.     •  Mobile  marke=ng  will  con=nue  to  grow  deeper.   •  Social  media  insights  (business  intelligence)  will  be  used  by  companies  more  to   be  proac=ve.   •  Social  tools  will  become  companies’  most  effec=ve  tool  for  customer  service.   •  Customer’s  opinions  will  con=nue  to  be  shared  at  a  growing  rate.   •  Social  ac=vi=es  will  be  easier  to  measure.    
  22. 22. THANK  YOU   What  are  you  going  to  do  tomorrow  to  find  out   more  about  Social  Media  in  your  Enterprise?     Do  you  have  ques=ons?   Holly  Solomon   Expand  Socially   (614)440-­‐7988    
  23. 23. RESOURCES  Social  media  regula=ons  and  compliance:  What  enterprises  should  know”:   hMp://­‐media-­‐regula=ons-­‐and-­‐compliance-­‐What-­‐enterprises-­‐should-­‐ know?vgnexymt=print       Restric=ve-­‐covenant  federal  lawsuit  over  social  media  conduct  raises  novel,  far-­‐reaching  ques=ons  for   employers  hMp://       Mayo  Clinic:  hMp://­‐mayo-­‐clinic-­‐employees/       “New  Employee  Orienta=on”  that  shares  social  media  guidelines  and  best  prac=ces  for  their  employees.   hMp://       Humana:   hMp://­‐social-­‐networking-­‐success-­‐story-­‐socialcast-­‐humana