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Collaborating through IT Associations


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Exove has been collaborating through IT associations several years and this sessions explores the costs and benefits of the collaboration.

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Collaborating through IT Associations

  2. 2. About Myself §  Janne Kalliola, CEO of Exove §  Have been coding since 1983 – Basic, Pascal, Lisp, Fortran, C/C++/Obj C, Java, PHP, JavaScript §  Working with web publishing since 1994 and open source CMS from 2003 §  Now running Exove, a leading Nordic company focusing on open web technologies
  3. 3. Collaboration at Exove §  Exove collaborates with its peers, partners and competitors in two IT associations §  Code from Finland §  Better Digital Services
  4. 4. Code From Finland §  Code from Finland symbol makes it easier for people to find companies which develop their software in Finland §  Association focuses on well-being of coders in Finland together with the companies §  Currently around 200 members, all companies §  Awards one person a year for advancing coding in Finland §
  5. 5. Better Digital Services §  Association with the mission to raise the standard of digital services in Finland §  16 members, high-end Finnish digital agencies §  Organises annual BlueArrowAwards gala §  Awards digital solutions with impact on several categories §  Collaborates with Code from Finland in one category §
  6. 6. Exove and the Associations §  Exove is a founder of Better Digital Services §  I'm currently a vice member of the board §  Exove joined very early on into Code from Finland §  I'm currently the chairman of the board
  7. 7. What Has It Taken? §  Exove has invested quite a lot of work into both associations §  Marketing people worked with BlueArrow gala §  We've built the website for both associations §  I've personally invested my free time to both projects §  Afew hours a month §  More during rush hours, like near events or prizes
  8. 8. What Has It Given? §  We've been competing – among others – in Blue Arrow gala, but had not got awards yet §  I've been able to network with several bodies – associations, government organisations, etc. – through Code from Finland §  Being a spokesperson for 200 companies has surprisingly big weight §  Both I and Exove have gained valuable insight and networks through these §  No direct impact on our business, yet
  9. 9. Is It Worth It? §  Personally – yes §  Alot of opportunities to network §  Good amount of insight from peers §  Several doors have opened that would have stayed shut without the associations §  For Exove – strong maybe §  No business impact, at least we haven't recognised any §  Networking has given very good insight for our management team §  For IT market – yes
  10. 10. My Observations §  Size does matter in the associations §  200 member Code from Finland has way more weight than 16 member Better Digital Services §  Running associations can be hard and time- consuming
  11. 11. My Advice §  If you participate in an association, decide whether you want just to enjoy the ride or make changes in the market §  If latter, you need to be at the helm of the organisation – this takes a lot of time and energy, can be very rewarding §  Understand the cost and benefits §  Don't participate in an association just for the sake of participation
  12. 12. Would I Do It Again? Of course – and actually I'm already doing it.
  13. 13. THANK YOU! Questions? Comments?