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  1. 6. The Earth is becoming more earthquake prone every day. A 10 second earthquake can kill thousands of people. Natural Disasters: Some dangers are inevitable…
  2. 7. A major earthquake can cause a Tsunami. Such a natural phenomenon has no discrimination – It kills people of all religions,races,castes,colours or languages destroying millions in a few minutes.
  3. 8. The number of hurricanes that reach categories 4 & 5 which are the most powerful and deadly has doubled over the past 35 years due to sea warming.
  4. 9. Due to Climate Change, the Arctic will become ICE-FREE by 2012 AD & the Antarctic will collapse by 2018 and the sea level will by 35 feet and many coastal towns and villages will disappear and go beneath the seas
  5. 11. Volcanoes release green house gases, a heavy ash fall, destroy buildings, cover fields and sometimes take lives. Winds carrying it can reach up to 22,000 square miles.Natural and Man-Made Dangers Some dangers were accelerated by our actions…
  6. 12. Mosquitoes kill humans 25 times more than humans killing humans. Malaria causes more deaths than all the wars & civil wars.
  7. 16. Diseases are working overtime and new types of diseases are born
  8. 17. Every year, one river dies.
  9. 18. Deserts grow by 100 square kilo meters every year.
  10. 19. Our planet is losing 3 species per day due to humans moving to their space.
  11. 20. Each year, man made and nature made fires burn millions of hectares of forests worldwide.
  12. 21. Acid Rains destroy plants & animals in streams , damages forests & erode buildings .
  13. 22. Man-Made Tragedies Some dangers could have been prevented… & should be prevented
  14. 23. Every 5 second a child dies, not by consuming poison but water. Polluted water is more dangerous than any human being of a different race, religion, language or caste.
  15. 26. Farm lands are shrinking & population is bulging. Sea warming reduces fish population & soil warming reduces agricultural productivity. The Result - price rise.
  16. 30. Liquor kills the consumer , ruins his family and wrecks the economy.
  17. 31. Lung damage from air pollution is a risk faced by 1 out of 5 humans.
  18. 32. Every minute 200 trees are felled.
  19. 33. As these images depict, clearly we have so many dangers that we need to fight…There are so many causes that need us to stand as one…Then why do these self made perils of war & religious extremism exist?? We have head reeling & mind boggling problems as shown above , most of which we have no control. Can we at least STOP the following ?. Through Ma , stop wars and extremism We have so many dangers mentioned above that we need to fight…There are so many causes that need us to stand as one…Then why are we doing the following, war & religious extremism?? Can’t we stop them which is within our discretion?...
  20. 36. WAR causes deaths , destruction of property , loss of natural resources and air/ water/ soil pollutions. One year's Industrial pollution is caused by a one day WAR.