Five Key Enterprise Learning Trends to Watch in 2014 (webinar)


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Looking down the road, the year 2014 will be a year in which the questions and frustrations that business users experience will begin to be answered. With smartphones and tablets extending from the personal space and becoming nearly ubiquitous in the business space, technology will scramble to keep up. As a result, five key trends will emerge:
• The Evolution of the LMS and LCMS. The LMS and LCMS will need to evolve and prove their worth more and more.
• Anywhere Anytime Workplace. Infrastructure, processes and apps will come to the fore to better support the use of mobile devices for work.
• Mobile First. Content will be produced specifically for mobile devices, rather than making content meant for PCs and laptops “mobile friendly.”
• Apps Matter. Business apps that mimic the specific-use nature of personal apps will come into more demand.
• Increased Leveraging of APIs. APIs will play an increased role in data collection and reuse.

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