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I beacons tech minibite


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I beacons tech minibite

  1. 1. iBeacon Tech Mini Bite what's all the fuss about? 4th Feb 2014
  2. 2. ✤ What is it?! ✤ What do they look like?! ✤ What are the opportunities?! ✤ What are the limitations?! ✤ A retail example.! ✤ Q&A and demo.! ✤ ...and at least one cat picture.
  3. 3. Before I begin... 01
  4. 4. A Bluetooth enabled technology that enables apps to pinpoint your location so they can make use of that information. – That geeky bald bloke
  5. 5. Say what? Put simply, it's like a super accurate version of GPS that can work inside or outside
  6. 6. You had me at jam.... ✤ Not just for Apple! ✤ Accurate to within a couple of feet! ✤ Works indoors! ✤ Programmable unique ID! ✤ No pairing necessary! ✤ Doesn't cane your battery
  7. 7. Sounds a bit like RFID... ✤ There are some key differences! ✤ Range - 50m vs 20cm! ✤ RFID can hold small amounts of information, iBeacon cannot! ✤ Location/distance! ✤ Convenience 01
  8. 8. In summary ✤ Small (normally) devices that broadcast an ID only, using Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)! ✤ All the work is done by an app on the device or the cloud ✤ These apps have to be distributed by a brand and installed by a user! ✤ Think of them as a way of tagging a specific location - like a shelf, a sign or a shop doorway 01
  9. 9. What do iBeacons look like?
  10. 10. 01
  11. 11. 01
  12. 12. Picture of the one's Roo bought 01
  13. 13. 01
  14. 14. Opportunities ✤ Retail! ✤ Events! ✤ Experiential ! ✤ Home automation! ✤ Museum & galleries
  15. 15. Retail ✤ Retailers with existing apps! ✤ Aisle end/product specific offers! ✤ Rewards for visiting certain locations (ShopKick)! ✤ Get very accurate shopper data back from apps! ✤ May one day soon enable payments without having to even get your phone out! ✤ Warning: Don't spam 01
  16. 16. Events & Experiential ✤ Innovative engagement apps! ✤ Stats on interactions! ✤ Games! ✤ Guides 01
  17. 17. Home Automation ✤ Lighting! ✤ Context/location aware apps! ✤ Tagging easily lost items 01
  18. 18. Museums and Galleries ✤ Interactive tours! ✤ Stats 01
  19. 19. A bunch of other stuff ✤ Contextual advertising! ✤ Automotive assist ! ✤ Find your way around airports, sporting venues, shopping malls and car parks! ✤ Check-in/ticket barriers 01
  20. 20. Limitations
  21. 21. Barriers to adoption and use ✤ Users have to have location services enabled on their device! ✤ Users have to have Bluetooth turned on! ✤ It requires an app and possibly an internet connection (depending on functionality)
  22. 22. Limitations ✤ iBeacons do not send any data (except their unique ID)! ✤ They need a battery/power! ✤ Distance is only an estimate ! ✤ Need a lot of iBeacons to get accurate positioning
  23. 23. An example...
  24. 24. Jane has an H&M loyalty app on her phone She walks past a store... The app alerts her that the shop is running a sale Jane walks in. As she passes an aisle, her app alerts her to a discount voucher she could redeem against one of the items As Jane approaches the till, the sales assistant gets a popup on his screen with her recent sales history and suggestions on related offers
  25. 25. Value exchange ✤ Jane gets tailored offers on products as she looks at them! ✤ H&M get extremely accurate data Jane's shopping habits, dwell times, route round the shop etc (even if she doesn't buy anything) 01
  26. 26. Questions and demo ! (which as tradition demands, will probably fail)