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Nexus connection may 31 2010


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EXIT REALTY NEXUS, Minneapolis MN, Twin Cities Real Estate Market Publication
May 2010

Published in: Real Estate, Business
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Nexus connection may 31 2010

  1. 1.  T HE W ASHINGTON V ISIT …...1 May 31 2010  INSIGHTS .............. ……..…..2  O UT OF THE MOUTHS OF CLIENTS Connection ……………………….........…..3 KEEPING YOU ON THE CUTTING EDGE OF THE BUSINESS OF REAL ESTATE NEXUS The Washington Visit A message from Frank D’Angelo Last month, I was fortunate enough to of which are accessible to consumers. cide whether or not their participants represent our association of REALTORS® at  Health insurance: The government have to disclose reasonably-known the National Association of REALTORS® should enable affordable coverage that short sales. Midyear assemblies in Washington, DC. A preserves choice without going to a  Another MLS policy change gives new light of confidence was instilled in both single-payer system or requiring em- MLSs discretionary authority to en- my perception of the real estate market and the ployers to provide coverage. able participants to offer cooperative community of professionals associated with  FHA mortgage insurance: FHA compensation through the MLS as a NAR. should be allowed to use its insurance percentage of the net sale price. The Here are only a few bullet points that I program to help homeowners refi- net sale price is the gross price minus took away from the Conference: nance while safeguarding the FHA buyer upgrades in new construction  Directors gave the go-ahead for NAR mission and minimizing taxpayer risk. and seller concessions. staff to negotiate with a technology  Environment: Solutions to address provider to deliver a “proof of con- pollution and degradation of the coun- Ultimately, I learned that our Associa- cept” working model for a national try’s waterways should be voluntary, tions, staff and our RPAC dollars are being put library/archive of all real estate par- market-based, and supportive of pri- to good use in preserving the housing industry. cels in the United States. The library vate property rights. Federal water All REALTORS® should pro-actively be in- is intended to arm REALTORS with a resource policy should take into ac- volved at the Government Affairs level to some broker-controlled, count traditional state, local, and pri- extent. member-only vate water rights and uses. Finally, last month I made reference to accessed, one-stop  In changes to the association’s multi- the power of confidence and enthusiasm en- repository of prop- ple listing issues and policies, new compassing 90% of what is necessary to be erty information to MLS model rules enable practitioners successful. Someone asked what the other 10% compete against the to alert one another to potential short involved. My response was simple. It’s called; current availability sales and put them on notice about the Work for a Reason! Or Larry Winget (National of such information sharing of any reduction in gross list- Trainer/Speaker) might say it passionately like from a variety of ing commission required by a lender. this; “Shut up, stop whining and go to work!” online sources – all MLSs are given the authority to de- MARKET WATCH Data courtesy of MAAR Apr 2010 Apr 2010 5.69 Homes Listings Pendings on the Market Per 9,738 5781 BUYER (May ‘10) One-Year One-Year Change: Affordability Index: Change: 202 (May ‘10) +20% +10.9%
  2. 2. Insights with Karen Tobler Everything I need to know I learned in DC As we spent time with make a difference. re- On a lightly overcast various representatives covering I realize more than Wednesday, I set off with a re- specific issues that impact our ever the impor- markable group of people for own REALTOR® livelihood, as tance of Calls to Capitol Hill. “The Hill Visit”, as well as topics our homeowners Action and how our legislators cently, successfully obtaining a it is appropriately called, is the face, I was so pleasantly surprised DO pay attention to what we have ban on fees in private transfer pinnacle of the week at Midyear when I saw our very own Senators to say. We are the ear of the com- situations right here in our own NAR Conference. and Congressmen and women take munity. As residential specialists state of Minnesota. I’m a first generation time to listen. I could see them we serve the homeowner. Com- I learned so much in DC. immigrant and naturalized citizen and their capable aides processing mercial Specialists serve business I left with an excellent opinion of to the United States. I remember the information who we are as an industry. Our studying all about the political that our delega- next generation of REALTOR® is process and was anxious to exam- tion shared. The ...we, as real estate here: savvy, more focused on col- ine the situation first hand. Plus I common thread professionals, are on laboration and making a differ- had the additional responsibility of was that we, as the front lines .... ence each day. Take a moment to being in the moment because I had real estate pro- look in the mirror and see that been honored with the Emerging fessionals, are reflection in YOU! Market Scholarship from the Min- on the front lines and, therefore, owners. How can our Nation’s neapolis Association of REAL- taken seriously in regards to our politicians afford not to pay Questions, Comments? TORS® to attend this dynamic experiences in the local market. attention. They can’t! And, we as Contact Karen at 763-548-1416 week-long conference. I am a supporter of REALTOR® professionals can’t or In all honesty, I had my RPAC; and after that day, I am afford to stay quiet when we learn doubts. Would they listen? even more convinced that we of potential laws that can harm our Would they care? CAN make an impact for our- industry and the stability of our selves and those we serve. I wit- communities. Luckily, between nessed civics in action. It came NAR and RPAC, they do much of off the pages of my textbooks to the work. We just have to pitch in become a brilliant reality! All it from time to time. Some of the takes is a commitment to a few RPAC successes are, for example, moments out of the day to read, fighting the elimination of mort- internalize and decide how to gage interest deductions and, most UPCOMING EVENTS & SPECIAL OCCASSIONS June 18th    Happy Birthday Jodi Vezina!!    June 17th    WCR Real Estate Investments Business Luncheon  WCR Real Estate Investments Business Luncheon        11‐1pm,  11‐1pm,    June 21st    Golf for Joy Tournament    Golf for Joy Tournament                        for location and details                 for location and details for location and details    June 30th:      June 30th:     License Renewals Due  License Renewals Due                                  
  3. 3. Out of the mouths of clients! A Testimonial and Heartfelt Thanks to Patti Ann Kasper, GRI, SFR “She not only got our property sold, she co- ordinated the efforts of multiple individuals and groups to successfully close the deal – which is no easy feat in this real estate mar- ket. She communicated with and directed the tasks of not one, but two lenders and a host of city officials, tax appraisers, title closers, mortgage apprais- ers, loan officers, home inspectors, other REALTORS and even city employees – all done in a timely manner and best of all, without any effort or worry on our part! Whether it was answering our many questions, interacting with our children, or working around our crazy schedule – she was always patient and responded with an encouraging word and a smile.” Donavon DesMarais Patti Ann Kasper (multiple) Rick Gullickson Chris Kornberg (multiple) Jan Strand Sheldon Berquist (multiple) CONGRATULATIONS Mindy Shears ON YOUR SUCCESSES Frank D’Angelo (multiple) Mike Peterson LISTINGS & CLOSINGS Jodi Vezina (multiple) Amy Stevens Justin Burke (multiple) In Honor of MEMORIAL DAY: The legacy of heroes is the memory of a great name and the inheritance of a great example. ~Benjamin Disraeli