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Nexus Connection March 30 2010


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Nexus Connection March 30 2010

  1. 1.  MORE SIGNS ! ........ ....……….1 Mar 30 2010  INSIGHTS .............. ……..…..2 Connection  HOME ON THE RANGE......…..3 KEEPING YOU ON THE CUTTING EDGE OF THE BUSINESS OF REAL ESTATE NEXUS "Get out of the blocks, run your race, stay relaxed. If you run your race, you'll win. Channel your energy. Focus." Carol Lewis More Signs! A message from Frank D’Angelo The first quarter of 2010 is already they impact both consumer and REAL- is open to anyone who wants to grow their over. The optimism that started the year’s TORS. As I look back at how most REAL- business or needs more support. forecast was tempered with a relatively slow TORS did their jobs a few years ago VS start in sales across the metro. A relativelytoday, I’m re-affirmed of the fact that no one I’m also excited about the newest office of uneventful first quarter had much to do with person can really be effective in this indus- 14 agents planning to merge with us in a reduction of available inventory being heldtry without the support of effective, local April. This group of agents will bring an back by the banks. Going forward, we’re training; collaborative mind-sharing; men- incredible Nexus of cultures, languages and experiencing a frenzy of first time homebuy- toring, networking and taking the initiative enthusiasm. Additionally, I’m also excited ers positioning themselves for the looming to learn more each and every day. The most to be moving forward with a team of proven tax credit deadline next month. successful agents have learned that; “You do and established producers who want to be not become successful doing certain aligned with our Nexus here in the Anoka Loss mitigation departments have been things; you become successful doing things area and the southern Twin Cities areas. Oh scrambling to perform and improve their in a certain way”. Great agents focus on by the way, we’ve ordered more yard signs. short sale processes and the FDIC is factor- doing things effectively to a point that their ing a role in REO competition won’t bother competing. That Last but not least, make sure you look into inventory as they effective effort makes that agent irreplace- our Giants Ridge Luxury have taken over able which in turn may be the difference Vacation Resort options several institu- between success and mediocrity. associated with 5% Buyer tional banking Referrals and the Fractional firms and their I’m particularly excited to see the growth Sales available. Contact assets. Nuances and improvement of our three morning mas- Mike Peterson for more are occurring termind groups who meet on Mondays, details or visit every month in Tuesdays or Wednesdays from 8:30 - www.GETGR.COM the industry and 9:15am. Each morning mastermind session MARKET WATCH Data courtesy of MAAR Feb 2010 Feb 2010 5.39 Homes Listings Pendings on the Market Per 7,165 3,527 BUYER (March ‘10) One-Year One-Year Change: Affordability Index: Change: 213 (March ‘10) +7.8% +6.4%
  2. 2. Insights with Chris Kornberg A look at the power of Mindsharing. I switched brokerages decisions. Whether it is success- through their relocation process. us. He called back immediately about 6 months ago and moved to fully closing a short sale, or find- All thanks to a couple hours a and was very helpful and knowl- EXIT REALTY NEXUS. At the ing the correct sheriff’s sale bid week! Mindsharing and getting edgeable about the whole short time, I had been toiling with short amount on their mortgages and the right information goes a long sale/foreclosing process. Chris is sales being difficult and/or not informing them of their new way. also resourceful; he gave us a closing. I took advantage of our rights and options, I am able to business referral so that we can weekly training sessions, in par- do more for my clients. Thanks EDITOR’S NOTE: start repairing our credit. We ticular the Mastermind Sessions. to knowing how these options would strongly recommend Within 1 month, I closed 4, that’s work, I have even been success- I’ve received tremendous testi- Chris to our family and friends right, 4 short sale transactions ful in helping people receive monials and comments regarding or anyone because we know that that I had pretty much given up funds at closing Chris Kornberg over he will listen to their needs, and on prior to coming to EXIT. I and save a fore- the past few months. take care of them from begin- thought they were dead deals! closure on their ...within 1 month I Below are is a glow- ning to end. Not only did our record. What a closed 4 short sale ing example: home sell, we feel we walked I have learned a lot regarding the relief for my cli- transactions... away with a friend. Chris is the foreclosure market including the ents; and, they “We wanted to take best!!” short sale process and under bid now have peace a minute and thank June and Pheng Y., Monticello, sheriff’s sale situations. With all of mind since this Chris for his im- MN. this great information, I have is huge for future credit purposes! measurable assistance in the been able to become a resource to It minimized the amount of time recent sale of our home. Chris is Comments or Questions? help people know their options in it will take for them to purchase honest, caring and professional. Contact Chris at regards to foreclosures and short another home. I am also currently Our initial contact was through 763-548-1474 or at sales so they can make the best helping people in these situations a marketing letter that Chris sent UPCOMING EVENTS & SPECIAL OCCASSIONS April 2nd    Happy Birthday Jenna Paulzine!!    April 20th     Happy Birthday Karen Tobler!!    April 1th:    MLS Invoice DUE!! ‐   MLS Invoice DUE!! ‐    April 6th:    REBar Camp ‐   REBar Camp ‐       for details visit  for details visit    April 15th     WCR Spring Fling Gala & Dress for Success Benefit        Bloomington, 11‐2 pm for Details                                      
  3. 3. Home on Michael W. Peterson is “The Real Estate Guy” at The Lodge At Giants the Range Ridge ( The Iron resort with 3 of the top 100 Fractional Real Estate. In Range is a golf courses in the country, fact, people who own Frac- front desk. They can rent diverse re-one of the top 5 ski resorts tional real estate often find the unused weeks to skiers, gion with a rich past. The in the Midwest, 60 kilome- it is cheaper to own a lux- golfers, wedding parties hardworking families that ters of groomed cross- ury condominium than it is and corporate events. Since pulled the resources up country trails where the US to rent a small hotel room. it is deeded property it is from the ground were the Olympic team has trained, This is possible because eligible for mortgage financ- people that created the ma- 2000 miles of snowmobile Fractional ownership en- ing. Since it can be catego- terials that literally built trails that lead all the way ables families (or individu- rized as second home own- the country from the into Canada, 100 miles of als, or businesses) to get ership, it gets preferred tax ground up. Each Range paved bicy- 100% of the bene- treatment and second- community has its own cle trails fits of real estate home deductions from the unique stories and attrac- that connect ...lasting ownership with IRS. Consult your financial tions. a dozen his- memories that can only 20% of the advisor or accountant for toric towns be found all year cost. details. I love everything about the and some of round... Iron Range. In particular, the most The way this works Once you are up North, The Giants Ridge area has gorgeous is that one property make sure you get a dose of incredible natural beauty lakeshore available any- is divided into 5 one-fifth the history along with cre- and is a wonderful escape where in the world. What a shares so that the owner of ating those lasting memo- for hard working families. great place to own real es- each share gets to use the ries that can The people are some of the tate! “But, Mike, I can’t property for 10 weeks per be found all nicest folks I’ve met any- afford ownership at a top year. Since it’s a condo, all year round at where in the world. There is resort” you might say. maintenance and upkeep is Giants Ridge. so much to do that all gen- What if there was a better handled by the on-site erations of the family can option than traditional Management company. Michael W. find plenty of things to en- ownership? Peterson joy together. The Giants Since most families won’t can be reached at Ridge area, in the quaint I am so glad to tell you use all 10 of their weeks (763) 548-1436 or through Iron Range town of Bi- there is a better option to every year, you can make his website at wabik, is a true four season make it affordable called your condo available to the Donavon DesMarais (multiple) Justin Burke (multiple) Chris Kornberg (multiple) Brian Watson CONGRATULATIONS Sheldon Berquist (multiple) Jan Strand ON YOUR SUCCESSES Frank D’Angelo (multiple) Randy Lee LISTINGS & CLOSINGS Jodi Vezina (multiple) "I am personally convinced that one person can be a change catalyst, a "transformer" in any situation, any organization. Such an individual is yeast that can leaven an entire loaf. It requires vision, initiative, patience, respect, persistence, courage, and faith to be a transforming leader." Stephen R. Covey