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Welcome from Library Services


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Induction information from University of Exeter Library.

Published in: Education
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Welcome from Library Services

  1. 1. Welcome from Library Services
  2. 2. How can we help you? We provide resources and academic support to: prepare you to become a independent learner and researcher help you achieve your best grades
  3. 3. You will use library resources to develop your knowledge of key issues and to help you prepare for seminars
  4. 4. The work you produce at university should be informed by authoritative, scholarly information from a broad range of sources Reading is key to building strong academic arguments
  5. 5. Reading beyond your module reading list is important for getting the highest marks in your assessments
  6. 6. Books Journal articles Reference materials News articles Conference proceedings Audio-visual content To get the highest marks, you'll need to identify and evaluate a range of information sources
  7. 7. Working through this library induction will help you to make the most of the resources for your subject