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Liza is an iPhone App aimed at measuring muscle performance. The user can get information (maximum power, 1RM and others) from the performed workout session.
Liza uses the accelerometer integrated in the iphone/ipod touch to record the acceleration during the execution, calculating then speed and other output data.

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  • Liza for iPhone

    1. 1. LIZA Measuring muscle power with iPhone
    2. 2. ABOUT EXELIO • Alessandro, Marco and Valerio are bound by their common skills in computer science and passion for sport. • The desire to create their own business and to make their passions profitable drove them to give life to Exelio. • The vision is: “for each sport and each sportsman a device and a software to measure his performances”. • Their first project is Liza.
    3. 3. THE IDEA DEVELOPING: • a simple and cheap solution to measure the muscular performance. • a professional test at everybody’s reach USING THE IPHONE/IPOD TOUCH: • accelerometer integrated • flourishing AppStore market (3 billion downloads) • originality: there is no other application like this
    4. 4. THE APP An IPhone/IPod touch application that measures muscle power. Two exercises may be used by the first version of Liza: • half squat • bench press After fixing the device to the gym machine (barbell), proceed with the test as explained by Liza. After few minutes you will know: • Max Power • Speed and load at max power • 1RM
    5. 5. HOW DOES IT WORK? • Liza works using the builtin accelerometer inside the iPhone or iPod touch. • Liza calculates speed from acceleration during the exercise and consequently the other parameters. • Liza uses some sophisticated algorithm to filtering the signal and produce an accurate result.
    6. 6. ACCELEROMETER SIGNAL acceleration - speed - force - power f=m*a p=f*v
    7. 7. PROTOCOL TEST • Load-predetermined based on user profile • Four sets with increasing load • Threerepetitions per set(best selection) • Executethe repetitions to the max speed
    8. 8. TEST RESULTS • Max Power • Liza index • Trend • Load at max power • Speed at max power • 1RM • Max relative power
    9. 9. POWER MEASUREMENT • Mostaccurate indicator because every sport movement needs a combination of strength and speed • Power measurement is already a standard for physical exertion of elite athletes • Liza makes power measurements accessible to everyone
    10. 10. LIZA INDEX • easy evaluation of your performance • user’s quality of muscular performance index on a scale from 1 to 10 • based on user specific profile (sex, age and weight) • for the same athlete it can be different for squat and bench press
    11. 11. ONE REPETITION MAXIMUM • maximum load that the athlete is able to lift in a single set performed at maximum intensity • no need for the athlete to personally perform the excercise to doublecheck the top load he can lift • value estimated comparing load/ speed relationship in test execution
    12. 12. GRAPHIC REPRESENTATION relationship between load and speed relationship between load and power
    13. 13. READING THE GRAPH Rapid force: exercise execution time (single lift) < 0,150 sec, load 0 – 23% 1RM, repetition number possible with maximum engagement 35-28 Explosive force: exercise execution time from 0,150 to 0,300 sec, load 24 – 43% 1RM, repetition number possible with maximum engagement 27 – 23 Dynamic force: exercise execution time from 0,300 a 0,700 sec, load 44 – 74% 1RM, repetition number possible with maximum engagement 22-10 Maximum force: exercise execution time > 0,700 sec, load > 75% 1RM, repetition number possible with maximum engagement 9-1
    14. 14. WHY SHOULD I USE LIZA? • Monitoring my muscle performances gives me a feedback about my training program • I will know the best load to use for my muscle empowerment according to the sport I usually practice and to my goals • I can check my improvements repeating my test month by month
    15. 15. FEATURES OVERVIEW • Accelerometer calibration • Multiuser • Two exercises • Test protocol • Real time repetition feedback • Immediate evaluation • Muscle curve • Send email • Twitter • Test comparison • Report
    16. 16. TEST COMPARISON Expected training effects: • Same load lifted faster • At the same speed I produce more power • At the same load I produce more power • I reach the maximum power with higher load and higher power
    17. 17. LIZA VERSIONS • Lite vs Pro • Lite for free • both tests (half squat and bench press), to view the resulting data and send them via email or twitter • not possible to get any graphic representation nor save any data • Pro version ($ 19.99)
    18. 18. NEXT STEP • Exercise feedback • New exercises
    19. 19. CREDITS • EXELIO idea and production visit website • SINE graphic design • DATAMIND interface development