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Creating value beyond the pill

Creating and capturing value beyond the pill: why it's a necessity, how to do it right and key success factors

Creating value beyond the pill

  1. 1. How to Create and Capture Value Beyond the Pill “Big Pharma has to move beyond just „selling the pill„ ” Joseph Jimenez, Novartis CEO
  2. 2. Beyond-the-pill is a logical and inevitable path forward for all PAYERS Rising costs of chronic disease management – focus on outcome vs cost UNMET NEEDS Opportunities for improved care NEW TECHNOLOGIES New service possibilities PHARMAS Increasingly difficult to differentiate through pills alone PATIENTS Demanding more support on managing chronic conditions Creating value by embedding products into a holistic offering with the aim to improve patient outcomes and provide tangible competitive advantages Executive Insight AG 2
  3. 3. Leading pharma companies have started to experiment with services beyond-the-pill Executive Insight AG 3 Innovative solutions that facilitate shared decision making between patients and physicians „Proteus ingestible sensor for tracking medication intake receives FDA clearance“ Integrated care model for schizophrenia patients in Germany  In-house Care Mgt. Subsidiaries:  Partnerships & Alliances:  Healthcare Stakeholder Collaborations:  Patient Support Programs: & For example:
  4. 4. Done right, significant impacts can be achieved with services beyond the pill Executive Insight AG 4 Better Health Outcomes In outpatient settings, patient assistance program enrolment plus additional medication services (e.g., counseling, reminders) is associated with improved disease indicators for patients. (Tisha Moniek Felder, Jan. 2010, Easier Access to Therapy Especially for newly launched products with delays in coverage decisions by PBMs, health plans and government payers. (Suzanne Shelley, Pharmaceutical Commerce, February 26, 2013) Increased Brand Loyalty Through the “Lipitor For You” program Pfizer maintained three times the normal market share for Lipitor after the first generic hit. ( co-pays-how-a-few-brands-are-battling-generics/)
  5. 5. 5 Adding standard off-the-shelf services to a product is the fast & easy tactical approach Executive Insight AG Patient website... An app... A reminder... A brochure ...
  6. 6. But these services are often disconnected and fail to truly address stakeholder needs Executive Insight AG 6 Awareness Diagnosis Monitoring Fear & anxietyPoor physician-patient communication Diagnostics not part of all check-ups or not reimbursed Can a simple brochure deal with emotional & inter- personal challenges? Early symptoms not recognized Is an awareness campaign sufficient? Therapy Challenges along a patient‘s journey Complex medication for co-morbid patients Side effects and drug- drug interactions Is a simple product information enough? Can a reminder address intentional non-adherence? Intentional & non- intentional non- adherence Social withdrawal, avoidance, isolation What about the patient‘s overall well-being?
  7. 7. Our beyond-the-pill excellence method ensures a strategic approach Executive Insight AG 7 Diagnose Define Design Implement Nature of disease: e.g. no symptoms / difficult diagnosis etc.? Stakeholders: Needs along the patient journey? Competition: Minimum services required to match offerings? Brand: Specific requirement e.g. injection or first dose monitoring? Goal of the overall service strategy? Fit with product portfolio? Key components (breadth & depth of offerings) of service strategy? How success is to be measured? Priority steps & needs to be addressed with services? How to co-create services with customers to ensure relevance and acceptance? How to include internal cross-functional knowledge and input? Priority steps & needs to be addressed with services? How to co-create services with customers to ensure relevance and acceptance? How to include internal cross-functional knowledge and input? What factors drive the service model? Which service strategy? What services to offer? How to implement the services?
  8. 8. Diagnose: Full understanding of disease, competition and stakeholder landscape service implications Executive Insight AG 8 Example of Structured Analyis: Competition Baseline to match services currently offered by competitors? Areas of differentiation? Disease & Brand Nature of the disease & implication on service? Product fit with the current disease and therapy settings? Any product features presenting a need or an opportunity for service offerings (eg. injection, first dose monitoring)? Stakeholders Physical, emotional & financial journey of patient – unmet needs & decision points? Diagnostic To understand the implications of the disease, brand, competition and stakeholder needs for the service model strategy.
  9. 9. Define: A strategy and service model that best fits you Executive Insight AG 9 Limited Offering Generic services targeting one or few steps in the patient pathway (e.g. benefits investigation) LevelofCustomization Low High Breadth of OfferingFew Many Focused Offering Highly customized services targeting one or few steps in the patient pathway (e.g. emergency on-site diagnosis for acute indications) Broad Offering Bundle of generic services targeting most steps of the patient pathway (e.g. blockbuster offering for primary care indication) Relationship Offering Complete solutions that are highly customized and cover the entire patient pathway (e.g. complex chronic specialty indications) Executive Insight Service Models:
  10. 10. Design: Services that are truly relevant with ownership and commitment from your customers Executive Insight AG 10 Collaborate with stakeholders along patient journey to fully understand needs and opportunities Executive Insight‘s inclusive and collaborative Deep Dive Methodology Co-create innovative solutions with you by harnessing collective imaginative power Process OptimizationDiagnosis Education/Training Adherence / ComplianceLifestyle/Peer-to-Peer MonitoringTreatment DecisionAwareness Access Tpyes of services created e.g.:
  11. 11. Winning Beyond-the-Pill Service Strategy Implement: Driven towards meeting key success factors Executive Insight AG 11 Take a needs-based approach Patient/stakeholder’s (not the brand) perspective to address needs along the patient journey Consider ALL stakeholder groups Other key players beyond HCP & patients e.g. care- givers, pharmacists Co-develop solutions with customers Higher relevance and adoption of service solutions Clarify ownership & resourcing Allocation of funding and resources pre-launch as well as early affiliate involvement Start early Sufficient lead time for piloting & implementation with roadmap of comprehensive service solution well before launch Leverage external partners Multiple areas of expertise and multi-country execution
  12. 12. Our experience is already helping to shape beyond-the-pill thinking in the market Executive Insight AG 12 Thought-leading publications: Founders of the beyond-the-pill group on LinkedIn: Track record: Beyond-the-pill projects with leading global pharma companies
  13. 13. Call us to discuss how you can also develop & implement a winning beyond-the-pill strategy Company address Contacts Meike Wenzel Mobile: +41 79 322 12 39 Executive Insight AG Metallstrasse 9 CH-6304 Zug Tel. +41 (0)41 710 71 63 Marc Pesse Mobile: +41 78 639 52 43 Executive Insight AG 13

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Creating and capturing value beyond the pill: why it's a necessity, how to do it right and key success factors


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