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Being Neighborly


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Boost your home value and sense of community by being like the neighbor you wish you had!

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Being Neighborly

  1. 1. Make Your Street a Neighborhood
  2. 2. With today’s hustle and bustle, we have fallen out of practice of making friends or at least acquaintances with our neighbors. Do you know your neighbors by name? If you do, you’re already off to a great start. If not, well its time to get started on being neighborly. Knowing your neighbors and finding ways to live pleasantly alongside one another is in an important part of feeling at home in your own house!
  3. 3. The easiest way to start off a relationship with your neighbor is right when they move in! A good old-fashioned gesture of baked goods is a classic way to introduce yourself. If baking isn’t your strength, bring over a gift certificate to a local restaurant. Either will be a welcomed break from the tedious task of unpacking.
  4. 4. After introducing yourself, take a moment to assess what their needs may be. Is it a young family, a couple just starting out or a retiree? Offer up area suggestions, a favorite hiking trail or park. Do you have a favorite hairdresser or dentist? Even a tip on which grocery store offers the best produce will be a welcomed tip! Hearing those details about a new community will help ease some of the stress in moving.
  5. 5. You’ve taken the step of introduction, now its up to you to lead by example. A simple wave as you head out for work in the morning is a nice way for both of you to start your commute. If time permits, stop and say hello once in a while. Remember to include them in your holiday card mailing list as well. All of these suggestions take just a short minute, but they will surely leave a lasting impression. It also lays a foundation of work-ability if and when an issue arises. Imagine how much less worried you will be in the event your shared fence needs an emergency repair if you at least already know their name!
  6. 6. The practice of treating others as you would like to be treated shouldn’t end in elementary school! If you’re planning a party, warn your neighbors of the extra noise ahead of time. And do you part to honor your community quiet time, usually by 10pm. Better yet—invite them to the party too! Many neighborhoods also plan annual block parties. Consider making a contribution to yours or join up with a neighbor or two and organize one!
  7. 7. Finally, make every effort to maintain your personal property. The condition of your home effects the mood, and property value of your neighbors. If you are having trouble maintain your yard, consider hiring a teenager in the neighborhood to mow your lawn. This will improve your curb appeal and allow a younger neighbor to have their first job!