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International Mobile Voice & Data Solutions


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execMobile offers mobile executives solutions to reduce international voice & data roaming costs

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International Mobile Voice & Data Solutions

  1. 1. International mobile cost solutions<br /><ul><li>outbound voice
  2. 2. roaming voice
  3. 3. roaming data </li></li></ul><li>Mobile AccessInternational voice solution for mobile executives<br />Voice<br />outbound international calls from South Africa<br />international roaming calls in 33 supported countries<br />savings are typically 30% for outbound and 40% for roaming calls<br />Uses the BT Onevoice network<br />An application on the users phone routes calls to BT locally<br />The Onevoice network transports these across the globe<br />Independent of mobile service provider & compatible with 850 devices across all platforms (iOS, BB, Android etc.)<br />Quality, security & improved cost control are inherent in the solution which does not use the internet<br />
  4. 4. Mobile Access………….benefits<br />Reduced International Charges - to all fixed & mobile locations<br />Global Reach - roaming available in 33 countries (Europe, Asia & USA)<br />Flexibility - any mobile device manufacturer and all network providers<br />Improved cost control – international costs are visible with cost centres<br />Easy deployment - application is easy to download & install<br />Increased redundancy for mobile users - calls fail over to the mobile service if the network is unavailable<br />Improved call quality - calls are delivered across fixed infrastructure managed end to end by BT. <br />Security - this solution uses GSM and the Onevoice network for transport, not the Internet! This allows optimal call routing and offers security to corporate users<br />
  5. 5. tep pocket wifiInternational data solution for mobile executives<br />Data<br />international data roaming supported in 32 supported countries<br />Simple convenient pocket device which uses the roamed country’s mobile data networks for better coverage & speed<br />Connect once on arrival and enjoy personal Wi-Fi that offers connection of up to 5 devices (laptop, phone, tablet etc.)<br />savings are typically 90% (~ R1 versus R120 per megabyte)<br />Roadmap for regional rollout<br />Far East, Australia and USA by Q4 2011<br />Sub-Saharan Africa by Q1 2012<br />Not all countries in regions will be covered at regional launch date<br />
  6. 6. tep pocket wifi..benefits<br />Reduced International Charges - local data rates v roaming rates<br />Improved Coverage – use of the mobile networks coverage negates any requirement for Wi-Fi hotspots<br />Higher Speeds - significant improvement in data throughput<br />Flexibility – connect up to 5 devices simultaneously<br />Improved cost control – costs are based on rental period with aggregated allowance of 50MB/day<br />Easy deployment – collect the device at airports, hotels or work<br />Security - this solution uses SIM authentication on the mobile networks and less vulnerable to hacking at Wi-Fi hotspots<br />Convenient continuous connectivity!<br />