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How to deal with Appraisal | Exclusive Ltd


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Hayley Ramm from Exclusive Ltd, discusses how to make the most of Appraisals | Exclusive Ltd

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How to deal with Appraisal | Exclusive Ltd

  1. 1. How to deal with Appraisal --- Exclusive Ltd
  2. 2. How to keep your staff feeling…
  3. 3. motivated
  4. 4. dedicated
  5. 5. fully trained
  6. 6. informed
  7. 7. You need to deal with Appraisals
  8. 8. Appraisal systems form part of any performance management scheme which go towards improving the performance ofindividuals, teams, departments and therefore the overallperformance of an organisation.
  9. 9. Appraisalschemes canseem like an almighty task
  10. 10. and at times overwhelming
  11. 11. However, if thisis broken down into bite size chunks
  12. 12. within a project timeframe
  13. 13. with shared responsibilities
  14. 14. then this process can become much more realistic and manageable.
  15. 15. Have you got the commitment from your management team/senior managers?
  16. 16. Will your appraisal system belinked to pay and reward, or not?
  17. 17. By who and bywhen will a pilotscheme be ran?
  18. 18. Who will be trained to then train the trainers within your business?
  19. 19. How will theappraisal systembe communicated to all your staff?
  20. 20. On what date will it actually be introduced and rolled out?
  21. 21. You will importantly need to spend time and effort in forming a structured appraisal process…
  22. 22. …ensuring that each and every appraisal meeting held is fair and consistent
  23. 23. Concentrating on individual objectives
  24. 24. individualbehaviours
  25. 25. and individual developmentrequirements which fit in with the needs of the business.
  26. 26. PlanningThe meeting should be two-wayby both appraise and appraiser
  27. 27. StructureTo be maintainedthrough simplified documentation
  28. 28. Guidance NotesAvailable for all involved toensure a fair and consistent process
  29. 29. Discussion TimeFor both parties to openly, freely and willingly share feedback and observations
  30. 30. Question TimeOpportunity for questions to be asked and answered
  31. 31. Scoring / RatingTo be considered, delivered and recorded
  32. 32. Development Future plansfor training tobe considered
  33. 33. Forms The details are to beagreed, signed and reviewed by a 3rd party
  34. 34. And finally, don’t leave theappraisal there for another year…
  35. 35. Use the appraisaldocumentationas an on-going review of performance
  36. 36. To ensure that your member of staff performing to the agreed standard
  37. 37. and continues tobe a fully trained, informed, motivated and dedicated team member who is with you for the long term.
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