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ATS Singapore 2013, PWC Presentation


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ATS Singapore 2013: PWC presentation on digital media trends for greater APAC region, SE Asia and emerging markets

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ATS Singapore 2013, PWC Presentation

  1. 1. Global entertainment and mediaoutlook 2013-2017Agility to Innovate with a Focus onCustomer InsightsGreg UnsworthSingapore Technology, Media andTelecommunications Industry
  2. 2. PwC LLPInternet access spendingInternet advertisingTV subscriptions and license feesTelevision advertisingFilmed entertainmentVideo gamesMusicConsumer magazine publishingNewspaper publishingRadioOut-of-home advertisingConsumer and educational &advertisingspending5 year historic& 5 yearforecast data50 countries13 segments
  3. 3. PwC LLPPlotting global markets based on growth andmarket size reveals two different insights3.0% | $1,011 9.5% | $3512017market size($US mn)Mature Next WaveUp &ComersSlowGrowingExamples:GermanyJapanUKUSSingaporeExamples:GreecePolandSwedenNew ZealandExamples:BRICArgentinaIndonesiaExamples:ColombiaKenyaPhilippinesThailandTurkey$114MarketSize2.6% 10.2% | $1012013 – 2017 CAGR$ 1,384,5543.7%CAGRMarket Size $ 477,64811.6%11.2%$ 136,2143.1%$154,057
  4. 4. PwC LLPWhat drives advertiserand consumer spending?
  5. 5. PwC LLPGrowth in Internet subscribers will driveadvertiser and consumer spending . . .Broadband CAGR (2013 – 2017)8.9% 20.5%31.5%3.7% 11.6%11.2%3.1%2.6% 9.7%7.7%2.9%Mobile Internet Subscriber CAGR(2013 – 2017)Total E&M CAGR(2013 – 2017)12.1%Singapore : 5.1%
  6. 6. PwC LLPWhile the “Mature” markets will dominate the listof top mobile Internet countries . . .US87%Germany87%UK88%Japan93%S. Korea96%Canada77%Italy85%Australia85%Netherlands84%Singapore85%83% 52%54%Top 10 Nations in 2017 Mobile Internet Subscriber Penetration (% of population)Total 2017 Mobile Internet Subscriber Penetration (% of population)
  7. 7. PwC LLPThe “Next Wave” and “Up & Comers” marketsdominate the list of fastest growing MobileInternet Subscriber basesIndia42.1%MENA36.5%Indonesia30.3%Chile41.8%Turkey27.9%Colombia35.1%Pakistan71.1%Thailand43.9%Vietnam30.4%Philippines31.1%8.9% 20.5%31.5%Top 10 Nations in Mobile Internet Subscriber Penetration Growth (2013 – 2017 CAGR)Total 2017 Mobile Internet Subscriber Penetration Growth (2013 – 2017 CAGR)
  8. 8. Consumerinsights are theheart ofinnovation
  9. 9. PwC LLPThe consumer journey and what we have seen sofar . . .1 Consumers revel in cheaper – even free – E & M products, as digital distributionover multiple platforms/devices brings the prices down.2 Consumers use social networks to find and filter content, creating versionscustomised “to me” . . . and “shared” with their friends.3 Consumers regard “convenience and experience” as inseparable elements ofcontent consumption4 An enhanced awareness of targeted advertising and the implications on the powerand value of consumer data but . . .5 As businesses recognise and focus on this individual, we‟ve seen privacy concernsincrease . . .
  10. 10. PwC LLPSo, what did the consumer tell us???The multi-screen experience„My time,‟ but it‟s ashared experienceTargeted advertising– make it worth itWork catchingup with theway we playThe changing readingexperienceRecommendationsshape choice$ Paying for quality and„the experience‟Connectivity andrights barriersLove it or hateit, always „on‟Consumersnew“normal”
  11. 11. PwC LLPHow do the SegmentsDiverge?
  12. 12. PwC LLP1.4%1.5%1.9%6.4%4.5%1.5%2.8%3.5%8.3%3.5%5.1%8.1%8.1%12.2%0.0%0.3%0.5%1.5%2.8%3.2%3.6%3.8%4.9%5.3%5.6%6.5%11.1%13.1%Newspaper publishingConsumer magazinesConsumer & educational booksMusicB2BRadioFilmed entertainmentTV subscriptions & license feesOut-of-homeTV advertisingTotalVideo gamesInternet accessInternet advertisingGlobal SingaporeInternet & video game spending will drive futuregrowthGlobal growth in aggregate spending (2013 – 2017 CAGR)2013 20171,730,981 2,152,473Total E&M Market ($US mn)24.3%growth
  13. 13. PwC LLPConsequently, Internet and video games will alsoattract more and more advertising dollars-2.7%1.5%0.2%0.0%1.5%2.9%8.3%3.5%5.1%15.0%12.2%-1.5%-0.8%0.4%1.0%3.3%4.8%4.9%5.3%5.5%11.9%13.1%DirectoriesNewspapersConsumer magazinesTrade magazinesRadioTotalOut-of-homeTelevisionCinemaVideo gamesInternet advertisingGlobal SingaporeGlobal growth in advertising spending (2013 – 2017 CAGR)488,660 592,2742013 2017Total Advertising Market ($US mn)21.2%growth
  14. 14. PwC LLP34%21%17%7%7%7%7%2012Television - excludingonline and mobileDigital advertisingNewspaper - printRadioConsumer magazines -printOut-of-homeOtherTelevision will continue to attract big addollars, but digital will close the gap in total spend34%31%12%7%5%7%5%02017CAGR: 4.8%Global advertising spend by platform (share of total advertising spend)
  15. 15. PwC LLP24%8%42%8%6%9%3%2012Television - excludingonline and mobileDigital advertisingNewspaper - printRadioConsumer magazines -printOut-of-homeOtherTaking a Singapore view25%13%37%8%4%12%2%02017CAGR: 2.9%Singapore advertising spend by platform (share of total advertising spend)
  16. 16. PwC LLPDigital advertising growth100185CAGR:13.1%2012201772%10%7%4%5%71%12%8%4% 3%Internet advertising B2BNewspaper Consumer magazinesTV advertising72%20%6%2%78%13%7% 2%Mature Next WaveSlow Growing Up & ComersCAGR:21.6%Global digital advertising spend($US bn)SectorShare ofSpendShare ofSpend
  17. 17. PwC LLPProjected growth in consumer spending-4.9%0.3%0.5%0.8%1.5%0.0%2.9%3.1%3.5%3.8%5.2%6.3%19.1%0.0%3.5%1.9%8.0%15.7%6.1%4.3%0.0%5.5%3.5%4.4%7.7%38.3%Physical home videoConsumer magazine circulationConsumer & educational book publishingNewspaper publishing circulationMusicConcertsTotalRadioBusiness-to-businessTV subscriptionsBox officeVideo game end-user spendingElectronic home videoSingapore GlobalGlobal growth in consumer spending (2013 – 2017 CAGR)797,711895,09320132017Total ConsumerSpending Market($US mn)12.9%growth
  18. 18. Where arethe tippingpoints andsegmentvariations?
  19. 19. PwC LLP29,35024,927 25,97727,628 28,897 30,231 31,2212008 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017Online & mobile drive Video Game revenue….Global console games spend ($US mn)2013 – 2017CAGR10.5%mobile-0.1%PC8.2%online4.6%console32% 54%2008 201751%2014tipping point: online & mobile gaming become themain driver of industry revenue for the first timeShare of totalvideo game end-user spending
  20. 20. PwC LLPMobile advertising to overtake classified inInternet advertising categories by 2015$0$10,000$20,000$30,000$40,000$50,000$60,000$70,000$80,0002008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017$USmillionsClassified Display Video Search MobileGlobal Internet advertising spend by category12.1%2013 – 2017CAGR10.3%27.0%6.5%25.8%
  21. 21. PwC LLPA Closer Look atThe Region
  22. 22. PwC LLPOverall Revenue Growth By Country1.2%3.1%3.5%3.6%4.7%4.8%5.1%8.8%11.3%12.0%13.5%13.5%14.8%16.2%17.1%JapanAustraliaNew ZealandTaiwanHong KongSouth KoreaSingaporeMalaysiaThailandChinaIndiaVietnamPhilippinesPakistanIndonesiaTotal E&M Growth Rates (CAGR 2013 -2017)
  23. 23. PwC LLPOverall Revenue by CountryTotal E&M Revenue2013JapanChinaSouth KoreaAustraliaIndiaIndonesiaTaiwanThailandMalaysiaHong KongPhilippinesSingaporeNew Zealand2017JapanChinaSouth KoreaAustraliaIndiaIndonesiaThailandTaiwanMalaysiaPhilippinesHong KongSingaporeNew Zealand
  24. 24. PwC LLPInternet Advertising Growth By Country5.2%8.4%8.9%9.4%11.3%12.2%12.6%15.9%18.3%21.5%22.6%24.2%24.7%25.8%31.7%JapanTaiwanNew ZealandAustraliaHong KongSingaporeSouth KoreaMalaysiaVietnamChinaPakistanIndiaThailandPhilippinesIndonesiaInternet Advertising Growth (2013 -2017)
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