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Bankrupt stock: How to sell it


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Bankrupt stock can be a source of great concern, because you don't know how to sell it! With my 20 years of bankrupt stock experience, I show you some great tips on how to sell it quickly.

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Bankrupt stock: How to sell it

  1. 1. Bankrupt stock: How to sell it Contact us at
  2. 2. How to sell your bankrupt stock• Don’t panic if you are stuck with excess stock• There are four things you can do to help sell it fast Contact us at
  3. 3. Act fast• Don’t mess about. When you know you are about to become bankrupt, call the right companies and sell it fast!• If you wait too long, the stock will be taken out of your control and you will lose all bargaining power Contact us at
  4. 4. Take inventory• Often people contact us and they don’t have an accurate list of their stock• Nobody is going to buy your stock if they don’t know what you have! Contact us at
  5. 5. Sell to someone you trust• Find a company who has significant experience in bankrupt stock• Otherwise you will waste valuable time, and you might sell to someone who doesn’t pay you, making things worse Contact us at
  6. 6. Everything has value• Don’t think that your bankrupt stock has no value, everything is worth SOMETHING!• The right company will help you find a buyer for your stock and get the highest price Contact us at
  7. 7. We’ve been doing this for ages• We have been buying and selling excess stock for over 20 years from our Sydney office• We know exactly how to get the highest price for your excess stock Contact us at
  8. 8. Here’s how we work• It’s a three step process Contact us at
  9. 9. Step 1• You tell us the details of your inventory through our website Contact us at
  10. 10. Step 2• We discreetly survey the market and give you a report on what we think the products will sell for Contact us at
  11. 11. Step 3• We make an offer to buy your stock Contact us at
  12. 12. We’re a trusted partner• We always adhere to your selling and distribution guidelines• We always pay you promptly as per the agreed payment terms• We protect your reputation in the market Contact us at
  13. 13. Contact us to sell your excess stockJohn Coorey, Managing Director, Coorey & Co Contact us at