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Overdrive kindle usb


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Published in: Technology, Education
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Overdrive kindle usb

  1. 1. Kindle eBooks via USB onOverdrive Tutorial
  2. 2. eBooks
  3. 3. Overdrive
  4. 4. Click on Sign in
  5. 5. Enter Librarycard numberand PIN
  6. 6. Advanced Search
  7. 7. Select eBookformat
  8. 8. Select KindleBook
  9. 9. Limit toavailable now
  10. 10. Borrow‘USB Only’
  11. 11. Click Download, Select Kindle Book,Click Confirm & Download
  12. 12. Get librarybook
  13. 13. Sign In to YourAmazon Account orCreate an Account
  14. 14. Choose your Kindleand click Continue
  15. 15. The eBook will download toyour computer, and you willbe prompted to open or savethe file. Select Save, thenclick OK.Next connect your Kindle toyour computer via USB.Copy or drag and drop theebook file from the savedlocation into the “documents”folder of the Kindle.
  16. 16. Your eBook should transfer automatically to your Kindle.Success!Your downloadedeBook is right here.