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Conversion optimisation Conversion Thursday Belfast

  1. 1. ConversionOptimisation is NOTSearch Optimisation
  2. 2. Search Engine Optimisation Ensuring that the people searching for your services/ products on search engines meet with your websites search listings on those products and services to find what they need & want
  3. 3. Conversion Optimisation A set of techniques, implemented to influence customer behaviour towards outcomes that: Increase revenue or profit Remove cost from the business Increase productivity or work flexibility Increase Customer Service/ Satisfaction
  4. 4. Offline / Real World Examples Dairy accounts for 19 percent of an average supermarket’s profit  YET takes up just 3 percent of store space It generates more than 2.6 times return on space  Which is up to 6.2 times higher return on space than grocery
  5. 5. Recommendations for Dairy Depts The space for dairy in general should be increased and is already underutilized Make the dairy department easier to shop Personalize the engagement Leverage more meaningful merchandising  Taken from the Willard Bishop Store SuperStudy 2009.
  6. 6. Name the Season
  7. 7. What Retailers Do They know the amount of space allocated to each dept They know the amount of revenue generated by each dept They know their ‘Prime’ merchandising locations They know when to allocate more or less space dependent on the sales/ seasons They know how to SELL!
  8. 8. Getting Back To Online... How do you find out this type of information about your site?  Analytics  Session recording  Performance optimisation  Feedback  Usability testing  Remote testing  Forms and search analytics  Testing tools  Survey tools  Multi-variate testing
  9. 9. So...Where do you Optimise?  It depends on your site...  High traffic entry pages  High exit pages  Key value pages (credit card)  High cost pages (PPC)  Conversion influencer points  Persuasion points  Anywhere there is traffic & Calls To Action!  Funnels
  10. 10. What Things do you Test? Removing unnecessary messaging/images Re-wording copy/ messaging Including USPs on every page E-mail Subject lines Offer messaging (30% extra or 50% off?) Scent trails Call to actions Buttons Influencing pages / Messages Funnels As much as you can!
  11. 11. Funnels  How do they help?  How many people Google: continue?  A funnel represents the  How many leave? path that you expect  How many channel switch? visitors to take on their way to converting to the  Where do they go? goal. Defining these  Are there influence pages? pages allows you to see  Any error clusters? how frequently visitors  What are my pain points? abandon goals, and where they go.
  12. 12. The Value of Funnels Identify exits / sore points/ improve sales Confirmation pages lose sales A small change can reduce this  Example case- resulted in drop from 75% to 2% exit Identify pages driving leads/ sales online and off  Page with low conversion– big test opportunity Check for bugs in address lookups In most cases, over 50% of abandons stay on the site or switch to convert via a different channel  If promoting call centre consider dynamic phone numbering!
  13. 13. Ego and Opinions? CEO IT Marketing Who Product designs this Brand page? Pesky Meddling Legal Fools THE CUSTOMER Source @optimiseordie
  14. 14. Why not to be Precious about Design Testing is the only sure fire way of optimising your website conversion It provides clear, statistical results- not opinions Results are often surprising:  10% increase from funnel work  6% extra conversions from mobile  37% increase from image zoom test  170% increase from site search test
  15. 15. Tools Browser testing Mobile devices Performance testing MVT/AB Testing Heatmap & Usability Testing End browser and device discrimination!
  16. 16. A Few of my Bibles...