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Online Learning Tools and e-Learning


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Learn or teach online using online collaborative learning tools at Examville. Host your own classes or tutoring sessions or join live classes. Take online tests like 50+ past Official LSAT tests and more. Free to join.

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  • Hey Friends... With all other exams of Law going around..
    Taking LSAT is also a great option, a lot of Indian as well as foreign colleges take the LSAT score...
    For all those who are aiming high... and looking at abroad colleges, here's your chance to prove urself..
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Online Learning Tools and e-Learning

  1. 1. © (2010)
  2. 2. Online platform and marketplace for all things education  Online classes  Downloadable study aids  Online extra-help sessions  Online practice tests  Online courses  Online tutoring  Sell your docs online  Q&A
  3. 3. Live Classes  Learn online  Live and interactive scheduled classes or courses  Test prep, review, homework help  Interact through audio- video, chat  Attend from anywhere around the world  Easy to join  Seasoned tutors and teachers  Teach online  Become an entrepreneur - create your own class or course  Teach anytime, from anywhere  Access a global pool of learners
  4. 4. Standardized Tests  Subscribers access unlimited timed practice tests  SAT, GRE, GMAT  Official Law School Admissions Council LSAT  Take 50+ REAL past LSATs  Practice against the clock  Stop and start tests  See correct answer  Raise score
  5. 5. Study Aids  Share, browse, upload and download study guides, review materials, class notes, past exams  FREE for subscribers  Easy to use  Collaborate with fellow learners and teachers from around the world
  6. 6. Tutor Central Live  New way for students & tutors to connect one-on-one  Register for FREE  Students  Post for help  Select tutor by rates and credentials  Easy to schedule virtual class  Tutors  Browse postings, teach students  Easy to conduct online session  Earn money
  7. 7. NotesXchange  Marketplace to buy and sell study documents  Class notes, outlines, flashcards  Learn from each other, improve your grades  Earn money by selling your lecture notes and study guides
  8. 8. Q&A  Ask and Answer Questions  Post and answer questions for FREE  Subscribers receive guaranteed response to questions from experts
  9. 9. Premium Publishers  Thousands of downloadable content offered by leading digital publishers  Shop from anywhere, at anytime  Instant Delivery  Store directly on your computer  Electronic search options  ‘ Go Green’  printing only the materials you need once you have purchased content in electronic format
  10. 10. Blog  Read views and opinions on the latest news in education  Get updates on new features  Look for upcoming events  Post your views in the comments section
  11. 11. Connect with  Be connected  Be informed  Get Ahead © (2010)
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