Examville Announces Sourcebooks as a Premium Publisher for Ebooks on Its Global Online Education Marketplace


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Download study aids and premium ebooks from educational publishers at http://www.Examville.com

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Examville Announces Sourcebooks as a Premium Publisher for Ebooks on Its Global Online Education Marketplace

  1. 1. Examville Announces Sourcebooks as a Premium Publisher for Ebooks on Its Global Online Education MarketplaceExamville.com expands its Premium Publishers channel by adding digital titles fromSourcebooks EDU for K-12 and college students, teachers, and professional/continuingeducation level.New York, NEW YORK (April 17, 2012) -- Examville, the global digital education marketplace,today announced that Sourcebooks will bring its high quality educational content through theExamville platform. Notable eBooks, among many others, will include titles from the Gruberseries of test-prep guides from top expert Gary Gruber as well as the bestselling Fiske collegeguide series from Edward B. Fiske, the most trusted voice in college admissions.Dedicated to democratizing education for students anywhere in the world, Examville’spublishing partnerships are an important part of the Online Education Marketplace. Available athttp://www.examville.com/examville/study-guide.html, Examville’s Premium Publishersmaterials cover elementary school, middle school, high school, college, graduate school, andprofessional development topics as well as downloadable materials for teachers such as lessonplans and cross-curricular activity guides.Examville is also working with Sourcebooks to make available interactive tests, which offerstudents and professionals access to thousands of essential prep questions online fromSourcebooks’ top-quality educational publications. The tests will be available in the next fewmonths through the Examville.com online tests module.“Examville is proud to have Sourcebooks as part of an esteemed roster of educational publishersparticipating in our online learning platform,” stated Nilanjan Sen, founder and CEO ofExamville. “We view Sourcebooks’ participation in Examville as a testament to our goal tocreate an inclusive, all-encompassing learning platform that will enable any learner to reach theireducational goals.”“We are excited to be partnering with Examville because it provides us with another way to getthe best content from our top experts directly to those who need it most,” says DominiqueRaccah, publisher and CEO of Sourcebooks. “We recognize that students and teachers areturning to online solutions and we are committed to creating innovative solutions in the collegebound space.”
  2. 2. Thousands of titles are available in Examville for a vast array of subject categories, includingComputers, Fine Arts, High School Math, Language, Law, Middle School Math, Phonics,Primary Math, Professional Development, Religion, Science, Social Studies, Spanish, StudyGuides, Teacher Resources, and Test Prep.The initial list of over 75 publishers includes top-tier companies such as McGraw-HillProfessionals, O’Reilly/Microsoft Press, Weekly Reader Publications, Carson-DellosaPublishing, Evan-Moore, and Learning Express.ABOUT EXAMVILLEExamville is an online education marketplace bringing together students, educators, and contentproviders for affordable web-based educational content and services. The Examville platform isopen to all users with no-charge at sign up. Examville offers collaborative learning technologiesand tools, allowing teachers and publishers to quickly build online education businesses for theirinstructional materials, virtual classes, and tutoring services. Through a single account, users canaccess multiple services, from multiple providers. Students from kindergarten through post-graduate levels and parents can use Examville to find online tutoring and video tutorials, takereview classes, do practice tests, and discover and share new study materials for a wide range oftopics. Examville also provides a robust feature set available to third parties, including testpreparation/tutoring companies, premium publishers, corporations, and other organizations.Examville (www.examville.com) is based in New York City.ABOUT SOURCEBOOKSSourcebooks is an independent publishing house dedicated to sharing our passion for books in awide variety of genres, including fiction, romance, children’s, young adult, college bound,parenting, memoir, and poetry. We truly believe that books have the power to touch people andchange lives, and every author’s voice has a place. We are committed to innovative publishing,to exploring every publishing platform and creating new publishing models. We publish over300 new titles each year, and are honored to have 30 New York Times bestsellers. Sourcebooksrecently announced a new education division, Sourcebooks EDU, and the launch ofwww.collegecountdown.com. Check out the Sourcebooks blog to see how we’re leading theway in digital publishing.