Upper Limbs and Pectoral Girdles


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Quick review of the Upper Limbs and Pectoral Girdles

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Upper Limbs and Pectoral Girdles

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  2. 2. Appendicular Skeleton Pectoral Girdle and Upper Limb
  3. 3. Pectoral Girdle scapula humerus clavicle
  4. 4. Clavicle sternal end acromial end
  5. 5. Anterior Scapula coracoid process acromion process glenoid cavity superior angle inferior angle subscapular fossa
  6. 6. Posterior Scapula lateral border medial border spine supraspinous fossa infraspinous fossa acromion process
  7. 7. Humerus head neck olecranon fossa
  8. 8. Anterior Humerus lateral epicondyle medial epicondyle trochlea capitulum deltoid tuberosity greater tubercle lesser tubercle intertubercular groove coronoid fossa
  9. 9. Ulna trochlear notch head styloid process olecranon process radial notch coronoid process
  10. 10. Radius head radial tuberosity styloid process
  11. 11. Manus (Hand) Metacarpals (5) Carpals (8) 54321 Digits (5) Proximal Phalanx 3 Distal Phalanx Proximal Phalanx 1 Distal Phalanx Middle Phalanx pollex
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