eLearning Tools to Enhance & Raise Achievement in Writing


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Workshop presentation by Rebecca Perrott & Rachel Boyd on 29th July 2011 at the eWrapper Cluster Mini Conference in Auckland, New Zealand.

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eLearning Tools to Enhance & Raise Achievement in Writing

  1. 1. eLearning Tools to enhance and raise achievement in WritingRebecca Perrott& Rachel BoydWaiuku Primary School
  2. 2. "The first step to raising student achievement isincreasing student engagement...
  3. 3. ..the second isdeliberate actsof teaching of thespecific skills required" Jill Hammonds, presentation at Learning@Schools, 2011
  4. 4. tools
  5. 5. ietherpad http://ietherpad.com/
  6. 6. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B69sx77dXIg&feature=related
  7. 7. Persuasive Writing http://room10waiuku.ietherpad.com/3?
  8. 8. Creative Writing -Writers Workshop http://room10waiuku.ietherpad.com/2 • Used to develop ideas • Spelling is NOT the focus • Can add detail to any story • Teacher can set format of story, or can let students just go for it!
  9. 9. You have a go!http://ietherpad.com/lbqS4RC272
  10. 10. Pick-A-Path Stories• Author writes many stories within one, using same characters• Allows reader to choose direction of story• Easy to publish using PowerPoint action buttons• Children can either copy and paste images from internet, upload their own photos, or even create their own using many different paint programs
  11. 11. My Story Maker• Children follow set story structure• Write own story, or let My Story Maker create the words for them (at first)• Easy to use• Very visual http://www.clpgh.org/kids/storymaker/embed.cfm
  12. 12. Student Self Reflection Attitude and Confidence (student reflection)  I feel happy about writing because I can write my stories about ‘Evil Smiggle Pigs’ who take over the world.  I think I am a good writer because I used to never be able to write four pages and now I can.  I feel happy to share my writing because I feel confident that people like my stories.  I make changes to improve my writing to check that I have not muddled up my ideas. I like to check that it makes sense.  This year my goal is to type my own book on the computer and sort of publish it, but not really. I would like to reach to 1000 words.  End of Year Reflection
  13. 13. How Can It Fit?•Taskboards are a great way to include e-learning tools in yourdaily program• Ensure you put some time aside in the week for creativewriting• Teach programs before letting children go
  14. 14. Other ideas to inspire & engage...
  15. 15. I write like...Which famouswriter do youwrite like? http://iwl.me/
  16. 16. Writing prompts for teachers(Changes monthly) http://www.toasted-cheese.com/webcal/webcal.cgi
  17. 17. http://www.teachers.ash.org.au/jeather/writingfun/writingfun.html
  18. 18. toolengage
  19. 19. Thank you! Rebecca Perrottrebeccap@waiuku.school.nz Rachel Boydrachelb@waiuku.school.nz