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Leadership Portfolio

  1. 1. Eric Witkowski 1 Major- Major- B.A. Sports Administration Minor- Minor- Coaching Lock Haven University of Pennsylv Abstract Mission and Goals Education and skills Experience and Achievements Address: 232 West Church St. Autobiography Lock Haven, PA 17745 Philosophy of Leadership Phone: (570) 686-5202 686- Leadership Feedback (570) 228-8079 228- Cell: Leadership Persuasion E-mail: EWitkows@lhup.edu Professional Code Service Project Relationship Empathy References
  2. 2. Abstract My philosophy of leadership emphasizes the importance of planning, persuasion, and participation In my approach to relationships I focus on empathy and continuous feedback In my professional ethics code I stress integrity, stewardship, tolerance, and social utility
  3. 3. What I Can Bring To The Table In this sketch I describe my vocational and personal goals and values. I want to pursue a career in the sport industry and eventually raise a family. My main interpersonal goal is to become the type of person that people can relate to and be comfortable talking to and a leader that they can trust and depend on. My professional goal is to graduate from college with a bachelor’s degree in sport administration and have a career in the field of marketing or public relations.
  4. 4. Education and Skills B.A. Sport Administration Expected Graduation Date: May 2010 Lock Haven University of Pennsylvania 401 North Fairview St. Lock Haven, PA 17745 Competencies Project management Efficient Microsoft office Skills Basic accounting skills Sales experience
  5. 5. Experience and Achievements Sub- Sub-Contractor; Vanorskie Contracting; Milford, Pa; (June 2007- Present). As a sub- 2007- sub- contractor, I am responsible to make sure the work gets done correctly and efficiently. The work consisted of landscaping, roofing, painting, and re-modeling. re- Cashier/Attraction Attendant Costas Family Fun Park; Hawley, Pa; (May 2003- June 2003- 2005). While working at Costas I was put in charge of an attraction and I was responsible for making sure the customers were taken care of, behaving correctly, and that everything was running smoothly. I worked at the batting cages, driving range, mini golf area, go- go- karts, and restaurant during the three summers of service. Cashier/Cook/ Server Dairy Queen; Montague, NJ; (March 2006-February 2007). While 2006- working at Dairy Queen, I worked as a cook, a cashier, and waiter. Treasurer of Lock Haven Rugby (January 2009- Present) Balanced the team’s 2009- $16,177.00 season budget for the 2008 season and $20,000 in 2009. In charge of renting vans, paying referees, paying food allowance, and paying for tournaments.
  6. 6. I Am What I Was Made To Be The following essay is my autobiographical sketch where I describe how having loving parents, going to college, playing sports, and being the only boy have helped me develop into a persistent, hard working, dedicated, and mature person.
  7. 7. What A Leader Should Be My leadership philosophy is simple. Leaders should challenge people, build up their confidence, and coach them. To do this a leader needs to have superior communicating skills and be able to see, describe, and pursue what's possible.
  8. 8. Leadership Feedback The best way to better your skills is by getting feedback from the people who are around you. Of course if they aren’t honest with you and don’t give proper feedback you wont get anything out of it and there will be no chance to improve your skills. During this lab we were asked to give yourself feedback and then get feedback from two of our peers compare them and then see if you were accurate, and where the areas are that you need to improve on. “The ear of the leader must ring with the voices of the people” - Woodrow Wilson
  9. 9. Come Play Rugby Hello class, I am here to talk to you about joining the Lock Haven University Bald Eagle Rugby Team. We are an intramural Club Sport, which is sponsored by the school. If you join the team you will reap the benefits that many students on campus don’t. “The country is full of good coaches. What it takes to win is a bunch of interested players.” - Don Coryell
  10. 10. My Keys To Success I am majoring in Sport Administration and getting a minor in Coaching. The Sport Administration major curriculum is based on the National Association for Sport and Physical Education (NASPE) guidelines. Students in this major complete a field experience as the culmination requirement of the program with an emphasis on the administration of athletic programs and activities, or an emphasis on sport business, marketing, leadership, and coaching. For me I feel that it is best to take a step back and look at what I stand for. I feel that the most important things to me are hard work, trust and loyalty, positive attitude, and organization. “The best vision is insight.”- Malcolm Forbes
  11. 11. Service Project Always make a creative title and give your thesis in an abstract…what you did and what you learned…in the body you can describe how you did project management or how the project or even was managed…show what you learned and what you did for your client.
  12. 12. Relationship Empathy I feel that showing empathy towards the people you meet is very important. It shows that you care about what the person is saying and that you are a good listener. Also, by showing empathy you give people a sense of confidence and they will also show confidence in you. I will use empathy in the future to get a feel for what people have gone through so I can better relate to them and build stronger and more secure friendships.
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