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JIM FETZER, GRABLE, WEBFAIRY, PCarter AND 911Truthaction continue to betray the United States of


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U.S.-german Freethinker Comedian Nico Haupt suggest to postpone this year's 9/11 anniversary ;

  • PS: RaytheonHuggers or RaytheonFreegans refer to Rosalee Grable aka TheWebfairy and Marg Uerite aka PeggyCarter via her Quinn Hechtkopf connection [ ]
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JIM FETZER, GRABLE, WEBFAIRY, PCarter AND 911Truthaction continue to betray the United States of

  1. 1. trutha 9/11 T FAQ Search Memb Profile Log in to check Orwellian9/11Truthling J.Fetzer reRevealed as Web1.0 Spooker Forum Index -> News and Discussion Author Messa hauptcouture Joined: 05 Sep 2009 Posts: 7 Posted: Sat Sep 05, 2009 8:16 am Post subject: Orwellian9/11Truthling J.Fetzer reRevealed as Web1.0 Spooker Orwellian 9/11 Truthling Jim Fetzer re-revealed as Web 1.0 old school Spooker-Tool UPDATE: 911Truthaction still too dumb to stop [nico] hauptcouture from posting topics at their forum ; My favorite quote from Jim Fetzer this week: "...Come on, Tracy! Answer the question. Are you a lizard lov Last edited by hauptcouture on Sat Sep 05, 2009 8:40 am; edited 1 time in total Back to top hauptcouture Joined: 05 Sep 2009 Posts: 7 Posted: Sat Sep 05, 2009 8:21 am Post subject: Nico Haupt's myspace-friend and Spitzer's former "no.9& Nico Haupt's myspace-friend and Spitzer's former "no.9" Ashley Dupre: "Get're just like me"
  2. 2. Back to top hauptcouture Joined: 05 Sep 2009 Posts: 7 Posted: Sat Sep 05, 2009 8:31 am Post subject: Both 9/11 Planehuggers + NoPlaners continue to hug EADS+co Both 9/11 Planehuggers + NoPlaners continue to hug EADS+co Following sources are ignored from american traitors of both majority of /11 Planehuggers + NoPlaners: TOP 70 Most Interesting 'Power Structure' Companies and Institutions [ewing2001 ; compiled A [ nicopedia ;] 1 EADS Astrium/EADS Defence Electronics/E ["Muckety"-Consulting Structure]] 2 Thales Alenia Space [formerly Thomson-CSF plus F New Skies (Netherlands)/SES Americom/SES S.A. [incl. chronologically since 2000: NSS-11, NSS-7, NSS-6 Imaging Corporation; run by ex-SDIO James Alan Abrahamson) ; http://fri 6 European XFEL GmbH [German Free Electron Laser; launched in 2009 incl. DESY (Deutsches Elektronen- Cooperation Organisation (SCO) [signed June 15, 2001] 8 DLR aka Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raum Aerospace [Switzerland, Sweden] 10 Boeing Integrated Defense Systems (Boeing IDS) - You (edit | delete) 11 Krauss Maffei Wegmann (KMW) Training & Simulation™ 12 Rheinmetall Defence Electronics 13 EUREKA Space Center aka ILS International Launch Services, Inc. 15 Alcatel/Lucent 16 Orbital Sciences Corporation at ; runs also mainly the 9/11 'untruth' movement] 18 Finmeccanica 19 Ta 20 Honeywell Technology Solutions [Bangalore (India)] (in 1999 taking over AlliedSignal) 21 L-3 Communi 23 China Investment Corporation (CIC) 24 Credit Suisse Group [formerly Schweizerische Kreditanstalt] 25 "Shutdown of AF447 by EADS + Co. ?"] 27 Lazard Group LLC 28 KPMG Europe LLP 29 E 31 SpaceX [see also Profiteers from 9/11 : Private Space-Flight (SDI '2009+Con Compan (SNC)/SpaceDev 33 Virgin Galactic 34 Pfizer Inc/Wyeth 35 Aastra Technologies Limited [Canada; took over Antrix Corporation Limited (marketing arm of ISRO; CARTOSAT-3 etc..) 39 Kohlberg Kravis Roberts [http:/ 41 Northrop Grumman Electronic Systems/EuroHawk GmbH [developed by EADS] 42 CSC/DynCorp (2003) 44 PanAmSat Corporation 45 Proactive Communications, Inc. (PCI) - You (edit | delete) 46 Novartis International AG 47 AstraZeneca plc 48 Anheuser-Busch InBev N.V. (AB InBev; Brazil) /Zhujian Leffe # Hoegaarden # Löwenbräu etc...] 49 Anadolu Group/Efes Beverage Group [incl. Warsteiner, Sol and Beverage Group] 50 Grupo León Jimenes, C. por A. [brews Presidente, Bohemia, Miller and Heineken beers 51 Bharti Airtel (India) 52 Dole Food Company [formerly Standard Fruit Company] 53 JENOPTIK Carl Zeiss] 54 Abbott Laboratories 55 Baxter International Inc. 56 Goldman Sachs 5 Arianespace SA/Centre Spatial Guyanais (CSG)/CNES - You (edit | delete) 61 ISRO aka Indian Space Research Organisation 62 Sikorsky Global Helicopters/Schweizer Aircraft [since 2 [since 2006] 65 Analytic Services aka ANSER 66 RAND Corporation (Research ANd Development) [until 199 Astrium, AMS and Atlas Elektronik) 68 Ball Aerospace & Technologies Corp. 69 TitanCorp. [acquired by L-3 Space Agency/Chandrayaan-1 - You (edit | delete) ...original list bumped back, as my final list and report for the 9/11 anniversary ; see also "Comedian Nico ...thats all what u get from me on *this topic for now ; vR, aR, mR, tiR, antimatter and personal business n The list *here above*, though well promoted among noplaner snail-mail apparatus, was not mentioned *at of unimportant or outdated semantics from 2 years ago plus occasional behaviorism-'analysis' from his very
  3. 3. many many other contradictive ego-personality-handles} [ ], which still behaviorism is clearly linked to a tradition of eugenics, transhumanist fascism and a forthcoming pending th contradictive double think plus double talk when it comes to seperation of research linked to what he called Frank Greening and Kevin Ryan. Furthermore Fetzer is obsessive with a continuation of his *own 'ad homin compares criticism with alleged 'threats'. Ironically he drivelled in his last show radically against macroblog commercial break [jingle] to some alleged importance within his developed "scientific method of communic claims that he allegedly does exclude them in his "method" ;- Fetzer, then as usual illogical and hyper-cont within a political context of science by referring to "muddle thinking" when he exactly does *that* by himse ~ 75 min: ironically pCarter mentions *now nico [haupt's] "important" [sic] research on the 'related compa Back to top hauptcouture Joined: 05 Sep 2009 Posts: 7 Posted: Sat Sep 05, 2009 8:44 am Post subject: 911Truthaction continue to betray the United States of Ameri 911Truthaction continue to betray the United States of America Back to top hauptcouture Joined: 05 Sep 2009 Posts: 7 Posted: Sat Sep 05, 2009 8:51 am Post subject: BREAKING: Nico Haupt dies in deadly bike accident/MadMen Season 3 postponed ; Click To Back to top hauptcouture Joined: 05 Sep 2009 Posts: 7 Posted: Sat Sep 05, 2009 8:56 am Post subject: nicomedy at youtube celebrates 8 years 9/11 cover-up ; - N_Icon [=No Idiotic Chicks "Own" NICO ; -) ] -the self jerking off-mixxx ;
  4. 4. see all unbroken links at NASA confirms AntiMatter Experiments in Space for 2010 [] As reported for years, antimatter weaponry in space is now officially reconfirmed *aga american space program "is going to launch a hunt for antimatter galaxies". The device that does the actua mentioned the AMS twice in the past: "Boeing, Raytheon-Awards for Free E "...Free Electron Lasers [FEL] as part of CERN's Large Hadron Collider (LHC) : Collider (SSC) in Texas], ... [search for evidence of dark matter and antimat Also re-confirmed, it was actually Bush's last signed bill [during the first Recession Bail-Out Fiasco], and an AMS is compared "with high-powered particle accelerators at facilities such as CERN in Geneva, Switzerland AMS will detect particles such as heavy nuclei that have vastly higher energies than particle accelerators ca collide particles with a combined energy of about 7 tera-electronvolts (TeV, a common way to measure ene (edit | delete) "...AMS would find strong evidence of antimatter galaxies if it detected even a single nucleus of anti-helium [ ; launched by a Soyuz rocket from Kazachstan Baikonur Cosmodrome on 15 existence of antimatter galaxies... - You (edit | delete) ...see also "The Ignored Bush "AntiMatter Weaponry [October 2008] Bill" by Truthers and Untruthers" http: ..." - You (edit | delete) from CernCourier October 2002: "...WiZard collaboration --- PAMELA is being observed antiprotons in space. There are now 14 institutions involved. Italian INFN groups http://www.infn and the Moscow Engineering and Physics Institute form the core. They are joined by groups from The Roya Lebedev Institute, Moscow, and the Ioffe Institute, St Petersburg..." - You (edit | delete)
  5. 5. AntiMatter research in Italy goes back to the 1930s, linked to Enrico Fermi. [The Chicago FermiLab is name Quantum Mechanics and married with Russian/Dutch mathematician Tatyana Alexeyevna Afanasyeva. Offic - You (edit | delete) PAMELA is the largest device yet built by the Wizard collaboration and includes also balloon-based cosmic r Gamma-ray Large Area Space Telescope* [!!-link!!] General D in Gilbert, Arizona designed and built the spacecraft that carries the PS: It is notable, that during the early study years of Nicola Tesla [inofficially born on Austrian Empire] on Austrian Sigmund Freud officially laid the ground for his so called "Psychoanalysis", which i link for years to between some specifications of eugenic BioPharmacy (Defense-) Industry and Chemical Warfare during WW points on the fact, that US citizen Dr. Anton Casimir Dilger, helped for the "biological sabotage on behalf of .--- Tesla furthermore contributed in varying degrees to the establishment o one of the *real reasons* for WW2 was the development of the Computer [Konrad Zuse]/Holorith Machine, UMatic '69/US Release: '71], plus the very first test simulations of the Internet, incl. hypothetical protocol t the Internet was actually indeed based on ideas by CERN's Internet Exchange Point, CIXP, to attach on eve string analysis. Therefore IBM, CocaCola and SONY are in my hit list, for the actual sponsors of WW2, incl. Freud was actually influenced by french neurologist Jean-Martin Charcot, who had some military backgroun large prison for prostitutes. Salpêtrière is also historically linked to a huge wave of mob violence, in late su ; see also 'The OSS-Tavistock MindControl Cult- 9/11 Truthling Infiltration Ti EADS Astrium 2004 paper about "space based laser arrays" [5.3], "free ele [Page 35 ff, Chapter 5+ ,5.3 etc...] - You (edit | delete) Summary on THALES UK [see also ] (Thales Alenia Space [formerly Thomson Limited)/ThalesRaytheonSystems) : Since 1993, Thales/Thomson-CSF has reinforced its market positions w Siemens and AEG. The international presence of Thales was further extended with the formation of new com energy, and basic physics. ( ) - You (edit | delete) In 1999 Richardson Electrons aka RELL continues to expand into new markets in China and Latin America, state that most "bogus-socialistic" latin american countries, had been used for 'cheap labor work' regarding 4607 TWT Electron Tube is mentioned in the EADS 2004 paper on Page 88/[Chapter Microwave Tub ; plus Richardson Electronics do Brasil Ltda Ku Band Historical Facts: Current head of NASA, ['selected by Obama'] Charles F. Bolden, Jr., was involved Arianespace was awarded again to replace ST-1 with ST-2, built by Mitsubishi, with upgraded Ku band tran Singapore Telecommunications Ltd (SingTel) and Chunghwa Telecom Company Ltd (Chunghwa). Follow-Up of swiss RUAG Aerospace]. - You (edit | delete) SUMMARY PLAYERS: EADS Astrium, Thales Alenia Space/Richardson Electronics do Brasil Ltda etc..., ST-2 S PAMELA satellite, European XFEL GmbH etc..., Mitsubishi --- PUPPETS: NASA/Charles F. Bolden, Jr., Genera Hey Nico, did you know this feed is linked to on the RedIceCreations page? @; http://www.redicecreations. heh nice, sweden ; redice seems a bit esoteric/newage-ish, but maybe it's some cool promo ; thx for link-in Structure' Companies and Institutions [ewing2001 ; compiled August 2009]" Back to top hauptcouture Joined: 05 Sep 2009 Posts: 7 Posted: Sat Sep 05, 2009 9:05 am Post subject: ScrewLoose "loves" 911TruthNow and Boeing ; Was TroyfromWV sabotaged, to not meet Nico Haupt during the 9/11 anniversary in NYC, America's best P now also promoted at screwloose ; Re: JIM FETZER, GRABLE, WEBFAIRY, PCarter AND 911Truthaction continue to betray the United States of
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