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Docker OpenStack - 3/27/2014


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Docker OpenStack - 3/27/2014

  1. 1. Docker & March 27th, 2014
  2. 2. What? Compute
  3. 3. Why Docker?! (an incomplete list) • Compatibility with Docker images (if standardizing or desiring cross-cloud compat.) • Dockerfiles provide flexible, repeatable image building • Global, multi-cloud image registry • Layered images / builds • Completeness of vision
  4. 4. Five major use cases • Alternative form of virtualization for multi-tenant services! • Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery:! • Go from developer’s laptop, through automated test, to production, and through scaling without modification! • Scale-out/Big Data:! • Rapidly scale same application across hundreds or thousands of servers…and scale down as rapidly! • Cross Cloud Deployment! • Move the same application across multiple clouds (public, private, or hybrid) without modification or noticeable delay! • Resource and Security Isolation:! • Docker simplifies the separation of security concerns. Multiple processes of the same “application” may run on a host, linked together, sharing resources but within separate security contexts (SeLinux labels, Linux capabilities, Cgroups, etc)
  5. 5. Demo at OpenStack Summit HK • Application Containerized from Source! • Application Goes Through Development Testing! • Push from laptop to Rackspace Cloud! • No downtime or modification required! • Push from Rackspace to Digital Ocean! • No downtime or modification required! • Push from Digital Ocean to OpenStack Cluster! • No downtime or modification require! • Provision via Horizon – Native Havana Nova Integration KQyIZC Watch: Write Once and REALLY Run Anywhere with OpenStack and Docker
  6. 6. Closer to the Docker workflow Hybrid-cloud compatible Scheduled by backing cloud Integration with other services Nova features (quota, auth, etc…) Abstraction layer for other hypervisors Integrated scheduling Heat vs Nova! Comparison
  7. 7. Project SOLUM “Convert code into a managed application running on an OpenStack cloud at the push of a button.” FROM CODE TO MANAGED APP
  8. 8. Docker Docker Key element of the Solum data plane
  9. 9. Compute Integration Docker plugin for Nova
  10. 10. What? Enables control of Docker via OpenStack: • Nova API • Horizon UI Supports: • launch • terminate • reboot • serial console • snapshot • glance HypervisorSupportMatrix
  11. 11. Not supported.! (yet) Neutron Cinder Volumes Suspend/resume Pause/unpause (patches welcome!)
  12. 12. Image Management docker-registry is a proxy ! users can upload through docker- registry or to glance directly ! docker pulls images through the docker-registry proxy
  13. 13. Nova+Docker! Architecture Overview
  14. 14. Testing
  15. 15. Applying Heat Orchestration for Docker API
  16. 16. Heat Resource
  17. 17. Heat Workflow Heat API VM Docker NovaNova resource Docker resource Container1 Container2 Container3 HOT
  18. 18. Heat Template heat_template_version: 2013-05-23 description: Single compute instance running cirros in a Docker container. resources: my_instance: type: OS::Nova::Server properties: key_name: ewindisch_key image: ubuntu-precise flavor: m1.large user_data: #include my_docker_container: type: OS::Heat::Docker docker_endpoint: { get_attr: [my_instance, first_address] } image: cirros
  19. 19. dockenstackan alternative to vagrant/vms for devstack
  20. 20. ! nested
  21. 21. Where container == host; for all practical purposes Host VM Linux VM Host Container Linux VM Vagrant (or other VM devstack environment) Dockenstack
  22. 22. Pre-cached resources • Pre-installed all ‘pip’ requirements • Checkout of all git repositories • All required ubuntu packages installed, or downloaded (in the case of non-prime packages) • Each are ‘freshened’ on boot with updates so the pre- caching has no negative effect. The image arrives prepared…
  23. 23. Negatives of dockenstack… • No RHEL / SuSe / Fedora support (yet) • Only tested with LXC and Docker virt drivers,
 but shouldn’t have problems with other drivers.
  24. 24. Q & A