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Wac Software Services 2011


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Wireless Applications, Corp. provides valuable products and
services for cellular, PCS, and broadband wireless industries.

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Wac Software Services 2011

  1. 1. SiteSync Online Software Platform TNT2: The Network Tool Telecom API Suite FAA / FCC Regulatory Analysis and Filing Microwave Coordination
  2. 2. Wireless Applications, Corp. –Software and Services for the Telecom Infrastructure EcosystemAt Wireless Applications, our staff is continually committed to developing solutions and softwarefocused on furthering the abilities of telecom professionals. Whether streamlining your FAA/FCC regulatoryservices or hosting the fastest online RF propagation modeling software or generating 200 paths of fullydesigned microwave backhaul in 5 minutes our team is constantly exploring new ways to automateprocesses and provide solutions with lightning speed. Theresult is that you get faster, more accurate delivery withquantifiable returns on investment when you engage withWireless Applications. Wireless Applications, Corp. Delivers: • SiteSync - On-Line RF Design and Analysis Software • FAA/FCC Regulatory Analysis and Filing Services • RF Engineering – Design, Research and Analysis • Microwave Coordination • API Telecom Suite – RF tools you can integrate With SiteSync users can generate RF into your site Propagation plots in a fraction of the • GIS consulting Services time when compared with desktop tools. Our team at Wireless Applications was conceived in the late nineties with a group of Wireless Communications veterans that envisioned a future of RF engineering software that would simplify and automate many of the redundant tasks facing the RF teams. Over the years we have continued to grow our online software suite, SiteSync, into a very powerful analysis and design tool. We have also used our own software and automation to continuously improve our ability to offer services such as FAA/FCC regulatory analysis and filing, FCC Licensed Microwave Coordination and filing, RF Design of broadcast systems, and Microwave Backhaul Design. Given our tools and experience, we are able to complete designed systems with exceptional speed and accuracy. This brochure targets a cross-section of our highlighted Search and display FCC licensed products and services: FAA/FCC regulatory services, microwave paths using SiteSync Microwave Coordination, SiteSync online software platform Pro in seconds with all underlying with The Network Tool (TNT2) and our Telecom API Suite. data available for research and analysis. For a comprehensive review see our website at or call us at 425 643-5000.2
  3. 3. SiteSync - Telecom RF Design and Analysis SoftwareThe SiteSync platform includes many automation functions for analyzing and designingtelecommunications RF infrastructure. A fully internet hosted suite of tools, SiteSync is accessed via standardbrowsers. You need never have your IT department load software on a PC or Server. All upgrades andmaintenance are transparent to the user community. PowerSearch A multitude of searches can be performed on our industry-encompassing databases to compile a set of ideal co-location sites. PowerSearch empowers the user to query multiple structure databases at once including FCC, FAA, licensed microwave, and tower companies. Other search features include searches for spectrum ownership, demographics and searching/displaying FCC licensed microwave. Spectrum Analysis Geared heavily towards strategy, presentation and research, this portion of the SiteSync platform allows users the ability dig into records and visual In SiteSync, searching and analyzing tower displays of spectrum ownership. View the total records provides telecom teams with fast, spectrum or the layout of owners from the many valuable results. Radio Service Types available, including Cellular, PCS, BRS, AWS and 700MHz frequencies.eMwaveeMwave is the microwave profile and design piece of The SiteSyncPlatform. Users may instantly determine if a microwave path can beachieved between two sites with a detailed path profile showing terrain,tree height, reflection points and Fresnel zones and more. Once thepath is clear, the user can then go further into the design to calculatethe specific modeled path loss with antenna heights, frequency band,cable loss, equipment type, etc. The tool automatically enters theterrain roughness and Crane rain rates.eCoverageUsing worldwide high-resolution terrain data and Longley-Ricefrequency calculations, we have taken intense RF analysis andembedded it into a simple to use downlink coverage and contour Qualifying potential sites isgenerator called eCoverage. Adjust parameters like antenna, azimuth much simplier with anheight, frequency, and power to fit your needs. Users may quickly run RF Propagation plotmultiple sites to compare locations, frequencies, and even power in 20 seconds.settings. Site acquisition professionals can easily analyze the viabilitiy ofa location for a client in a flash! 3
  4. 4. FAA/FCC Regulatory ServicesWhen it comes to telecom regulatory analysis, you need fastand reliable answers for your project. It’s critical to understand anypotential risks so you can explore mitigating options. For instance,if you learn that there is a high risk that the FAA will only allow atower to extend to 185 feet within two days via the WirelessApplications’ Opinion Letter rather than waiting for the 30-45 daysresponse from the FAA analysts, you can save valuable time andefforts otherwise lost during a typical timeline.Wireless Applications is the go-to partner for Carriers,Investors and Tower Companies all over the US. We offer a range ofFCC and FAA services or you may purchase our deluxe package. Typical FCC and FAA filings for a month.With the FAA/FCC Mapper Deluxe package, what do you getfor one easy request? • WAC Opinion Letter – Detailed findings summarized – INCLUDED! • Complete Analysis – PDFs of maps, topos, aerials, AM Study -INCLUDED! • Filing and Tracking of FAA 7460-1 – INCLUDED! • State DOT Filing (if required) – INCLUDED! • Filed FAA 7460-2 – INCLUDED! • Filed FCC ASR, Form 854 – INCLUDED! • Online Requests and Tracking with SiteSync – INCLUDED! • Virtual Vault – Repository for all docs, maps and analysis – INCLUDED! • SSIR location analysis PDF set for RF Coverage, Local Businesses, Competitive Tower Search, Spectrum Ownership, Population and Traffic counts. – ALL INCLUDED! In addition, for each site we analyze for you, Opinion Letter Wireless Applications creates an online page in our Virtual & Analysis Vault, the online document repository for our analysis and forms as well as any document data you want to upload for your project. Go green! No paper prints required. When you use Wireless Applications, you’ll be the hero of your project, providing super fast project feedback while Wireless Applications oversees each SSIR analysis and filing from conception to completion. Need to have our experts focus on one aspect rather than a full package? Wireless Applications will perform individual services upon request. Download our pricing guide and call us today. With our automation, we can efficiently break apart our FAA Mapper Deluxe package process and deliver the documentation to the An outstanding bargain, FAA/FCC Mapper Virtual Vault on request. Deluxe is a packaged service of analysis.4
  5. 5. SiteSync Enterprise Module featuring TNT2, The Network ToolGain a competitive advantage by using a tool thatsaves engineering time and dollars. Get completeddesigns released and backhaul generating revenuefaster than ever before.This amazing online software generatesmicrowave backhaul design based on internalcomputational logic coupled with your designparameters. TNT2 calculates every possible pathbetween every site location within minutes thenlogically computes a proposed microwave backhauldesign. This approach enables you to consider the bigpicture design as opposed to snaking pathsone-at–a-time from a starting point and hoping to getan acceptable result. TNT2 has game changing power for transport engineers. Decrease your lead time to market, producing complete designs in a flash, resulting in revenue streams available months earlier and significant design man-hour reduction. Win competitive bids by producing lightning fast, accurate, cost-optimized designs. Estimate CAPEX with the assurance of knowing your design is viable. Reduce the cost and re-design efforts resulting from frequency interference identified at the end of the design cycle. As part of the SiteSync platform, TNT2 is coupled with many powerful Minimize field analysis cost of LOS flashing due to features to analyze, modify and enhance increased confidence in your virtual design.your microwave network scenario, including a full analysis of path loss for individual Realize tremendous savings with on-line software. paths or a batch of paths. SiteSync is instantly available and requires no server integration, loading, or maintenance on the user side.The end-game result is that designers can now spend their time holistically. As an example, theengineer may consider the viability of using 18 GHz radios compared to 11 GHz radios by running successivedesign scenarios and comparing which network will maximize throughput while minimizing cost. Teams mayfocus on building scenarios using a targeted set of equipment empowering your company to maximize yourpurchasing power. 5
  6. 6. FCC Microwave Coordination and Filing Services When navigating through the FCC microwave licensing requirements, Wireless Applications has the staff and the tools to provide you an excellent experience. As a trusted partner to many owners of licensed paths, our team processes thousands of paths each year. Wireless Applications provides microwave coordination services using our powerful software automation coupled with excellent customer service. Whether it is for the frequency bands of 6GHz, 11GHz, 18GHz or 23GHz, many clients trust the experienced team at Wireless Applications to provide fast efficient and personal services for identifying available common carrier frequencies and subsequently processing the licensing with the FCC. A typical microwave coordination service for a licensed FCC microwave link involves the following process. Our team will identify an interference free set of frequencies within the desired band and share the results with our client. Next the team creates the Prior Coordination Notice (PCN) and sends it to all required licensed owners within the ‘keyhole’ geography. The FCC rules permit either a 30 day or a 15 day expedited window for neighboring microwave path owners to raise any objections or questions.The Wireless Applications team will address eachof these responses on your behalf, exchangingtechnical details and calculations with other microwavelink licensees to resolve or mitigate all potential issues.Once the review period is over and all issues arecleared, Wireless Applications will file your microwavepath license with the FCC.A seamless experience involves a client sharingtheir microwave path design details and then our teamdoes all the footwork until the license is granted withthe FCC. With Wireless Applications’ tools and ourcommitment to our customers, we have an excellenthistory of meeting this ideal. Our customers oftenreport that Wireless Applications provides the bestservice that they have ever experienced. The service requires a search of FCC licensed paths at your frequency within 125 mile radius.6
  7. 7. Telecom API SuiteIntroducing our suite ofweb service TelecomApplication ProgrammingInterface (API). Use thisservice for performingtelecom infrastructureanalysis within your site.Carriers, Tower companies,Web App programmers andWireless Service Providersalike can immediately beginamping up their softwarewith power from the WirelessApplications’ cloud service.Although there may bemany additional verticalindustries that find valueintegrating these Methodsinto their software and sites, Integration of the telecom API Suite is amazingly simple!the original focus of thisfunctionality is targeted attelecom infrastructure. Our focus to the Telecom infrastructure includes areas such as designing RF with oureCoverage (propagation), telecom structures /towers (PowerSearch), microwave paths (eMwave), radiospectrum ownership and demographic data. These Methods we developed are valuable in researching anddesigning the geographic locations throughout the USA and the world. Our Telecom API Suite providesconvenient, yet very powerful analysis and design capabilities for a range of industry companies from small tower firms, turn-key vendors, to large wireless telephone service providers. The most exciting Methods include features for generating RF propagation models, TV Contour generator, microwave path profiles, searches for telecom structures and licensed microwave paths but there are many other useful functions, converters, RF engineering needs and Your website powered with our servers is a winning combination! calculations. 7
  8. 8. 111 108th Ave NE, Suite 160 Bellevue, WA 98004