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Roodharigen Yoga with Eve


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August 31, 2012 is the annual Roodharigen festival in Breda, just outside of Amsterdam in the Netherlands.

This year I will be doing a yoga presentation for those interested to participate.

Many thanks to everyone who has supported me in this journey.

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Roodharigen Yoga with Eve

  1. 1. yoga
  2. 2. yoga with eveA natural redhead, Eve is happy to shareyoga with the redhead day community.Yoga is the expression of the soulthrough the body through movementand poses. One of the aims of yoga is toincrease blood flow by connecting thewhole body to the breath and awakeningdormant areas.Eve is located near Tel Aviv, Israel. Eveis a trained dancer who began topractice yogic arts in 2005. She is aregistered instructor with Yoga AllianceInternational.
  3. 3. yoga is contagious
  4. 4. Yoga is for everyone. Yoga is for every body. Yoga is not about looking beautiful or impressing others – although with hard work this might happen from time to time. Yoga is the connection of body to soul, however you define these things. Every person deserves to feel at home in their body. This is what yoga is all about.gratitude