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Reflective analysis


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Published in: Education
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Reflective analysis

  1. 1. Reflective Analysis THE HOW TO…
  2. 2. What is a Reflective Analysis • An analytical essay looking at HOW you intended to use micro features to create an emotional reaction from your audience. • You have 750 words to complete this task. • It is worth 10 marks (1/5 of your Creative Project mark or the difference between a grade)
  3. 3. Tips for a good Reflective Analysis • Be concise! • You only have 750 words, you don’t have the space to rewrite entire sections of your Step Outline. • Refer to scenes by their numbers, and be concise with your examples. • Explain HOW you wanted these micro features to illicit an emotional response. • If there is sound (eg. Screaming) is this meant to comfort or terrify an audience member. Why? • Don’t just focus on one element, use a range in your RA to show the breadth of your understanding • Make references to other films that have inspired you • Has a film inspired your characters? Setting? Disaster? • Give specific examples showing how. • Use Maurice Yacowar’s theory • This will show you have considered the conventions of a disaster film and have used/defied them • Show how your setting/characters/disaster fit into this or counter it.
  4. 4. Deadline • You have until the 5th of January to complete your RA • Start work on it as soon as you have finished your SO (due in on Friday) • Make sure you are clear on what you need to do BEFORE you go away for the holidays.