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Horror representation 2016


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Horror Reps

Published in: Education
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Horror representation 2016

  1. 1. Representation
  2. 2. What is representation? • It’s a construction of an idea or an image • Representations are not necessarily accurate rather they reflect societal attitudes of the time • Who has created the representation? Why? For what purpose?
  3. 3. Representations in our case study films • Gender (men, women) • Social class • Age • Britain/ British values
  4. 4. Changing representations “Horror films tend to be particularly popular in times of political unrest, economic depression, war, terrorism, all kinds of domestic strife…It seems that people need an escape, so they go to horror films to exorcise a lot of this angst that they have … These films put a picture to our deepest fears and allow us to deal with these fears from the safety of our theater seats.”
  5. 5. Horror of Dracula (1957) A few facts… • It cost £81,000 to produce • Based on literature • It was released in 1957- the same year the first woman was allowed to enter the Houses of Parliament • It was directed by Terence Fisher • Prime Minister at the time was Harold MacMillan (conservative) • A lot of anxiety about Britain’s place in the world
  6. 6. British fears • Anything ‘foreign’ (losing power) other countries were gaining their independence, the British Empire was shrinking...Suez Crisis etc. • Fear of women becoming more powerful, loss of patriarchal society.
  7. 7. The Suez Crisis: A little bit more historical context • An invasion of Egypt in late 1956 by Israel, followed by France, then England. • The aim was to regain Western control of the Suez Canal and remove the Egyptian president from power. • After fighting started the US, Soviet union and UN forced Israel, France and England to withdraw- this was humiliating. • Widely believed to have contributed significantly to Britain’s decline as a world power. How does this link to an analysis of Dracula?
  8. 8. What representations can be found in The Horror of Dracula Men Women Britain Class
  9. 9. What representations can be found in The Horror of Dracula Men Women Britain Class Heroes (tend to be white) The monster Weak Victims Damsels in distress Sexual/Temptress Empire Conservative values Christianity Heroes are the educated, middle class (men)
  10. 10. Genre and Dracula • How does Dracula fit the horror genre? (make a list) • Think about your theorists: • Rick Altman • David Buckngham • Steve Neale
  11. 11. Narrative • What sort of narrative does Dracula have? • Think about: • Structure + Syd Field • Levi Strauss • What is significant about the ending?
  12. 12. Essayquestion:Howdothefilmsnarratespecifically Britishstories? Things to include: • Title, date, director • Key sequences/ use micro terminology to illustrate your ideas. • Contextual references- what do you know about Britain at the time?! • Narrative structure- what happens at end? Who wins? • In your groups have a go at planning this question. What would go in each paragraph?
  13. 13. Essay plan: As a group decide on your best 4 points… Introduction Para 1 Para 2 Para 3 Para 4 Conclusion
  14. 14. Homework • Write this essay up in full for homework ready to be handed in on Monday 27th Feb