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Eden lake


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Eden lake

Published in: Education
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Eden lake

  1. 1. Eden Lake
  2. 2.  Film theorist Robin Wood argues that the basic formula of the horror film is:  “normality is threatened by the monster.”  normality meaning conformity to the dominant social norms  “normality in horror films is in general boringly consistent: the heterosexual monogamous couple, the family, and the social institutions (police, church, armed forces) that protect them”  “The monster is of course much more protean, changing from period to period as society’s basic fears clothe themselves in fashionable or immediately accessible garments”
  3. 3.  Dracula  The Descent  Eden Lake  How have these monsters changed to reflect British fears?
  4. 4.  How doesThe Guardian state this film relates to Britain?
  5. 5.  How you can apply the theories we have already learnt to this film?  Final GirlTheory?  Monstrous Feminine?  Modern Primitive?  Three Stage Narrative?  Genre Reflects Society?  Binary Oppositions?
  6. 6.  In what ways can the films you have studied for this topic be said to be ‘British’?