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Docu drama + drama-doc


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Published in: Education
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Docu drama + drama-doc

  1. 1. Drama-Documentary and Docu- Drama
  2. 2. Drama- Documentary ✤ Dramatic Documentary ✤ Uses conventional documentary techniques (interviews etc..) ✤ Combines these techniques with narrative techniques, such as reconstructions to engage and attract its audience. ✤ These techniques can help the documentary deliver its message ✤ Verisimilitude is incredibly important to make the reconstructions look authentic. Docu- Drama ✤ Documentary Style Drama ✤ Technically a narrative piece of cinema but shot in the style of a documentary ✤ It uses the same conventions as a documentary film (shaky camera work, interviews etc…) ✤ Verisimilitude is key to create a realistic environment for the film.
  3. 3. Docu-Drama vs Drama- Documentary The War Game (Peter Watkins, 1965) ✤ Watch the clip of The War Game (00.36.25) ✤ What category does this fit into? ✤ Why do you think this? Touching the Void (Kevin MacDonald, 2003) ✤ Watch the clip of Touching the Void ✤ What category does it fit into? ✤ Why do you think this? ✤ Uses reconstruction and narrative cinema devices to engage and attract its audience and deliver its message. ✤ Consistently uses verisimilitude in the reconstructions to create an authentic environment ✤ Uses verisimilitude to create a realistic atmosphere for the narrative ✤ Based on fictional events ✤ Uses documentary techniques (interviews, hand held camera etc…)
  4. 4. Cathy Come Home
  5. 5. Research ✤ Who directed Cathy Come Home and what other films has he made that you are aware of? ✤ What response did Cathy Come Home receive from its audience in 1966? ✤ What actions were taken as a result of Cathy Come Home being broadcast? ✤ Is Cathy Come Home a Docu-Drama or a Drama-Documentary? (Discuss filmic techniques as well as specific social issues.)
  6. 6. Cathy Come Home Screening ✤ Take a look at the screening sheet while you’re watching Cathy Come Home and answer the following questions: ✤ What techniques are used to represent realism? ✤ What other conventional documentary techniques are used? ✤ How are the audience positioned? ✤ What sequence do you find the most powerful and why?