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Social media brand plan


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Social media brand plan

  1. 1. Social Media Brand PlanErin Wiley
  2. 2. Goals
  3. 3. GoalsMy dream job is to manage the brand, through brand awareness and brandmanagement, of a major restaurant and wine bar in NYC. In the meantime, my goals are to gainindustry experience in the hospitality industry through public relations, marketing and communications work
  4. 4. Portfolio
  5. 5. PortfolioI will have a portfolio presence online that shows my Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn profiles. I also have my resume uploaded to LinkedIn and as a VisualCV. My hardcopy portfolio will includethe major public relations, marketingand communications initiatives I have engaged in.
  6. 6. Objectives
  7. 7. Objective OneObjective - ENGAGE IN SOCIAL MEDIAJust recently becoming actively engaged in social media outlets such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn has showed me the importance of doing so. My first objective is to establish a larger personal brand in social space for myselfthrough the three major social media outlets: Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.
  8. 8. Facebook I intend to keep my Facebook as private as it can be and to monitor, to an extent, the content that is put on Facebook regarding my personal identity.However, in the end, my Facebook willnot act as a professional landmark and brand for myself. I will engage inFacebook as a fun social exchange with friends and family.
  9. 9. Twitter I plan on making Twitter my professional social media channel.Through the past few months and my creation of a Twitter handle, I have seen the importance of a Twitter profile in an overall professional personal brand plan.
  10. 10. LinkedIn To fully engage in LinkedIn, I want to reach 100% completeness on myLinkedIn profile, connect with 50 people and contact 10 people on LinkedIn regarding positions in the industry I am interested in.
  11. 11. Objective Two Objective Two - GAIN INDUSTRY EXPERIENCEGaining experience in the industry I wantto ultimately work in is a major objective to reaching my goal. I will also network in the industry experience I take place in.
  12. 12. Food and Wine Working at my current job as a server Ihave really gained a lot of experience in the food and wine industry. From indulging in culinary delights to attending wine trade shows throughoutMichigan, I have networked with food and wine experts and gained the knowledge I need to move forward.
  13. 13. Public Relations, Marketing and Communication Industry Experience My current internship has offered me experience in all three areas I am interested in: public relations, marketing and communication.In this position, not only have I networked with industry people but I have worked directly with all four brands andestablished communication and marketing strategy and developed hands on experience directly in the field.
  14. 14. SWOT
  15. 15. Strengths I have gained many strengths in my experiences over the last few years. •Creative •Great Writer •Forward Thinker •Detail Oriented •Industry Experience •Broad Network Of Industry Leaders
  16. 16. Weaknesses Just like everyone else, I still have my weaknesses. •Saying ‘No’ •Technologically Inept •Staying Focused on One Thing •Lack Of Extensive Social Media Experience
  17. 17. Opportunities With my strengths and weaknesses, there are many opportunities that are available. •Willingness To Move •Great Experience And Network •Restaurant And Wine Industry Is Growing •Public Relations, Marketing And Communication Firms/Agencies Are Becoming More Present
  18. 18. Threats With every opportunity comes a threat. •The Economy Is Not Where It Needs To Be •Competition Among Fellow College Graduates •Lack Of Direct Experience Due To Recent College Graduation
  19. 19. Key
  20. 20. Key MessagesActively engaging in social media.Strong knowledge of the food and wine industry.Experience at a high level in public relations, marketing and communications. Network of industry leading professionals.
  21. 21. Strateg
  22. 22. Strategy My strategy for attaining my ultimate goal of managing the brand, throughbrand awareness and brand management, of a major restaurant and wine bar in NYC is simple.I will become more active in social media, continue to gain experience in the foodand wine industry while building my public relations, marketing and communication experience and network.
  23. 23. Tactic
  24. 24. Tactics Grow social media presence with updated LinkedIn and active Twitter updates. (75 connections; two a day tweets, reach 200 followers) Compile list of network contacts with names, position and contact information. (100 network circle) Continue to work in both the food and wine industry and gain public relations, marketing and communication experience.
  25. 25. Measurement
  26. 26. Measurement The measurement of my success is simple. Be happy, make connections and achieve my ultimate goal. Live the dream.
  27. 27. Erin Wiley Brand Plan Questions??? Media Social